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Apr 26 2011

The Future of Skype

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Since the invention of the phone has been more than a hundred years, and prices for services are always in step with the development of modern technologies. It is quite possible that soon become extinct companies providing mobile communications in Standard gprs / reason – the latest revolutionary solution from Nokia – model N97. Easy […]

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Apr 18 2011

Free Movies

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Do movie lovers now have a reason to smile! With the increasing popularity of online movie viewing and downloading, the internet has brought entertainment directly into the living rooms of people! Gone the days when people went to cinemas to watch movies (I think, movie theaters will never go out of popularity). Today, people have […]

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Apr 17 2011

Hotels In Moscow And St. – Petersburg

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Moscow and St. Petersburg – one of the most beautiful places in Europe: theaters, museums, historic monuments, the best entertainment and incendiary parties, interesting excursions to the sights and great opportunities for business. Number of hotels in these cities can take thousands of tourists every day. And, of course, during a business trip or vacation […]

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Apr 12 2011

The New Gadget From NEODRIVE – Rubber Keypad

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It can crumple, collapse, flood. When you print it can not be heard completely. Thin, 5 mm. Serve only the buttons. The keyboard has a clean-cut keys and a clear positive. Ergonomic two color legend. 79 keys. Quite a strange feeling – when sklaviaturoy treated like a piece of rubber, you turn into a tube, […]

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Apr 11 2011

Renting in St. Petersburg

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Congratulations, you've taken the first step towards the conquest of St. Petersburg. You are on the platform of the train station or airport, or got in transport. It's not so important. The first thing you need to do now – is to find accommodation for your stay. Forget about the various walks, trips or things […]

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Apr 07 2011

Golden Poems

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What we know about libraries? In the early 20 th century, in rural schools, there was a room where books are stored, such rooms were called hut reading room. In the late 20 th century as the library occupies the first floor of large houses, and in each quarter was as At least one such […]

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