Nowadays, more and more people come to understand the meaning of family. The Orthodox Faith explains that the family – a spiritual unity of two people, support each other in their love for God. Indeed, in the Holy Scripture says: "And God blessed them, and God said to them: Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth and subdue it. " (Gen. 1628). It is therefore quite understandable that even couples who have lived together for many years, decide to marry. Entrenched in their desire to get married, you should ask permission from his spiritual father and his parents.

After receiving permission, it is best to purchase a bench in the church book, a detailed description of all preparations for the wedding and the Sacrament of the wedding. Of course, that would not be disappointed Suddenly there are reasons why you can not get married, you should ask your confessor – if there was anything that could prevent you from marrying. Here are some reasons due to which it is impossible mystery of the wedding: 1. Newlyweds do not reached marriageable age. 2. There is no mutual consent. 3. One or both of the newlyweds are not baptized.

4. If one professes another faith. 5. They should not consist of a close relative. 6. Must be mentally healthy. 7. If one still married. 8. If the age is one of more than 80 years. 9. If the first marriage is dissolved because of adultery and the second marriage was adultery. 10. Physical inability to cohabitation. After receiving consent from his parents and his confessor, the young should pass to preparation for the Sacrament of the wedding. The first thing you should do – is to ask whether you can get married in their chosen day. Then examine how and what should be done at the time the sacrament of betrothal and wedding. You should know that now immediately after the betrothal crown. Earlier time period could be for many years. What should I bring to the Church: 1. Certificate of registration. 2. Engagement rings (her husband passed – gold, while his wife – silver). 3. Do not forget to put an Orthodox crucifix. 4. Wedding candles. 5. White cloth or towel. 6. Icon of the Savior and the Blessed Virgin Mary. And of course, do not forget the ushers, who in the church hold the crowns over the heads of young, and after organizing festive feast. Newlyweds need to remember that the church constitution forbids to marry several pairs at once. Although there are violations, so be patient and wait, because you never give up in a separate sacrament wedding.

Building Foundation

Foundation – the foundation of your home, in fact, it appears the main support structure of the house. Bookmark With a solid foundation to begin any construction. Only able to provide a solid foundation to your home life Strip foundations are used in the construction of buildings with heavy walls (concrete, stone, brick) and heavy beams. Tape laying the foundations for all interior and exterior walls of the capital, with This cross-sectional shape is the same along the entire perimeter of the foundation. Strip foundations are usually built in two ways. In the first case (the base of small burial) ladle dredge or by hand in the ground digging trenches. Then, the side walls of the trenches is laid roofing felt (or other waterproofing material).

Then on the bottom of the trench backfilled sand and gravel, and then into a trench filled with concrete. In this embodiment, small amount of soil from the underground, provided for the engineering equipment is removed by hand. The second method of making a more traditional strip foundation. When the house provided the basement, first dig ditch, then made the necessary configuration formwork, which is poured concrete. The foundation is dumping sand and gravel. The foundation serves at least 30 cm above the ground.

You must perform a qualitative exterior waterproofing and interior vapor barrier (in the case of the heated basement). The above-ground part and underground part of the upper layer can be executed masonry brick, stone or concrete blocks. Outside, the foundation must be well insulated. Recommendations for the use of eco building strip foundation is expedient in the presence of a basement in the house (basement deep bedding). Dignity. Can be done without heavy construction machinery (shallow foundations). Disadvantages. Strip foundations deep bedding is more expensive. It requires sealing, insulation, increased attention to the elimination of thermal bridges. Requires protection against radon. Remarks. To improve the thermal insulation tape around the perimeter of the foundation of eco home runs horizontal insulation. Sometimes the foundation make void, and voids filled with insulation.