The Famous Parade De Accion De Gracias De Macys

In 1920, many of the employees of the Macys stores were immigrants of first generation. Proud of his new American inheritance, they wanted to celebrate the American festival with the type of festival that longed for of their European earth. The employees marched from street 145 to the 34 disguised clowns, cattle tenders, horsemen and sheik. Professional floats, bands and 25 alive animal yielded by the zoological one of Central Park marched past accompanied by a hearing by more than 250,000 people. The parade was everything a success. The great globes appeared for the first time in 1927 with Felix the Cat.

A tradition that comes by far is the liberation of the globes, that furrow the sky during days and the lucky person finds who them can demand a prize. During years 1930, the parade did not stop to grow. A population drowned by the Depression surpassed the million assistants in the 1934 parade. The new globes with the personages of Walt Disney became the favourites by the masses and the hearings of the radio could listen ceremonies and the arrival of Santa to street 34. The 1940 were witnesses of a suspension of the Parade since there was much no to celebrate during World War II.

In addition, it was not the moment for wasting helium and rubber. The Parade was started again in 1945 and was televised in New York. The Parade also began the route that does nowadays. With the arrival of the television, the Parade of the Thanksgiving day acquired a national reach in the decade of the 50. Also it happened to be an event of celebrities in which Sid Caesar, Danny Kaye, and Howdy Doody even made formal appearance. The Parade always has been known by its policy celebration " it rains or it does calor" , and by its brave effort to always recognize the globe designers. The most bittersweet year of the Parade took place in 1963 since one week of the murder of President Kennedy had not been marked nor, and the country still was compungido. But, it left for not " to disappoint to million of nios". In 1971, the wind was so hurricane that they had to cancel globes. The television spectators had to be satisfied to clasps in the Parade of 1970. In the decades of the 60, 70 and 80, appeared some of favorite globes including Snoopy, the Frog Gustavo and Superman. The Parade of the Thanksgiving day of Macys is a true New York experience that is magical for children, adults and for that want to make tourism in New York at this one time of the year. We want to be thankful to Macys by these photos and to wish many more years them of march by Broadway. Also it is worth the pain to remember that Thanksgiving is one of the jammed week ends more of the month in New York City, many tourists come to see not only the parade but many other attractions. It passes New York Pass to accede quickly to the most popular attractions can be really useful that weekend and save to the visitors hours of tails to buy the entrances. Original author and source of the article.


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