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Sep 25 2012

The Example

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An author portraies the paradox of the globalization and the local initiatives, the more the world if globaliza, appears local experiences of development, therefore the quality of life in the community, in the cities is a local problem that must be thought of global form more the action must be local with the involved actors […]

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Sep 18 2012

Sound Gracious

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A gracious dream is that one in which the dreamer realizes which this dreaming. The gracious dreams can be so real that they can be considered ” visions divinas”. This it is a phenomenon studied by the universities but prestigious of the world and inclusively machines have been developed to induce them. He is doubtless […]

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Sep 13 2012

Armed Forces

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– First of them it is basically oriented to obtain the fortification of the military institution, anticipating for it the increase of the military units in all the Country. It also looks for to optimize the processes of qualification and preparation of the regular troops and to increase the one of the battalions of reservists. […]

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Sep 07 2012

Green Dream

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They are actions that can effectively be materialize in the practical one, however, depend on the will politics and the world-wide, national, municipal agencies, of the organized society and the individuals. Action as: to protect, to keep, to preserve, to recoup and to prevent the environment of the ambient degradation caused by the negative action […]

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Sep 01 2012

Jerusalem Saturday

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100,000 times imagine to try to protect something more grande". Emerson came up then that the attacks could be amassed. fires in Israel follow in investigation process. Until the moment one catched an Arab adolescent, who recognizes to have left " inintencionadamente" ashes without extinguishing after making a bonfire with its friendly. Nevertheless the subject […]

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