Max Weber

This work constitutes an analysis of the weberiana metodolgica theory, with special attention the way as Max Weber cheated to create a social science that searched the substratum subjective of the social phenomena, the call comprehensive sociology. The objective is to see as Weber faced the possibility of ' ' objetividade' ' joined to its project of comprehensive sociology. In this direction, it is treated to reconstitute the metodolgicos teachings of this author to think the possibility of a sociology ' ' objetiva' ' of the subjectivity. What he is evidenced is that Weber obtained to create a science ' ' objetiva' ' inside of its conception of objetividade and inside of the general picture of its ontolgicas and epistemolgicas reflections. Abandoning, as it made, the totality idea, assimilating the vision of whom science aims at to search a knowledge partial of the reality, is possible yes a science ' ' objetiva' ' as it considered.

The Code

It seems us a nonsense to believe that the world will be governed by one alone man, seems us nonsense to believe that those fantasmagricas narratives of the apocalypse of Joo, can mark some day in the distant future; however a critical analysis of the current events, will show, independent of the interpretations, that this apocalypse already is a reality. Let us see the catastrophes world-wide, natural how much in such a way artificial, the ideology of the modern world that walks for the religious, economic globalization and politics. Practically, we say the same language (English), we commercialize one same currency (dollar), the world lives the ideology of exactly to be able economic (capitalism), all the religions have reverenciado a religious leader (the Pope), the world lives the process of cultural computerization through the INTERNET, the code in bars will serve of instrument of control of the commercial standards (the MARK OF the CROSSBOW), the Age of Fish (CHRISTIANITY) is arriving at the end, giving space the NEW ACTS the NEW AGE, or AGE OF AQUARIUM that represents the man endowed with the cosmic power to control the Life and Planet, conquering the spaces and the material Empire. If these events do not evidence the compliments of thousand of prophecy on the End of the Times, that type of argument could explain this historical coincidence of the facts in the humanity and the Cosmos? 4.NEGAO AND AFFIRMATION OF WHAT &#039 IS NOT KNOWN; ' Who takes care with what it says is protecting its proper life, but who speaks excessively destroys itself mesmo.' ' (Pv. 13:3) Can be denied the existence of a god, the influence of the evil in the attitudes wild human beings and be explained them as mere consequncias of the erroneous acts of the men, but to deny that definitive events had been foreseen with, for little, 80% of rightnesss, would be mere chaotic ignorance, exactly why, they had not been predicted by utopian msticos or for individuals whose, normal capacity of reasoning desires had left it, but calculated and analyzed by great scientists and historians.

Child And Nature

Child and nature Today in the century XXl, the concentration of the children this each shorter time, the stimulatons are many, as: computer, TV, video game, and other technologies that attention of the children harms. The contact with small animals, as ant, fish, turtle, ducks, birds, helps the development of the child, to also understand the part of cleanness and feeding. The professors and the parents can promote some activities ecological. To follow the growth of the sufficiently interesting plants constitute experience, to teach as to water, to verify the presence of plagues, thus it helps to have more knowledge of preparation and collective plantation of one horta in the external space. We can speak on the nature in musics, games, tricks, histories, it dances traditional, it favors more curiosity for child. They are forms to demonstrate as it is possible, to change the destination of the things with a useful production. The fact is that the nature must be part our daily one, contributes for maintenance of the balance of the environment.

The people who if interest for the nature if become a richer person, the integrity with the nature normally are calmer, therefore when it observes, the beauty of the ecological park the person if feels lighter and without negative thoughts, who it feels when this in an empty place without ecological structure, flowers, animals, without nature. With all this tranquillity that the person starts to have, it passes to the child more confidence and interest in the subject. Who is not worried in teaching what it is nature, and as we must take care of of it is because it has fear to inside assume its role of it. The consequence that if draws out for much time. In the nature exist laws that must be fulfilled, therefore the reality of the wild life are sad, nobody respects more, and when the nature if to disclose? it does not pardon? , and it is our responsibility to give to a better future pra our children. Thus we can acquire a better future. To consider to the child the cooperation as challenge, of form that it it recognizes its limits. You the world must have source of information valuable on the child and the nature in the process to learn. By means of problems that are at the same time challenging and possible to be decided.


The word Angel, comes from Greek ngelois, that means nuncio, messenger. The Muslims admit angels of both sexes, and think that each man is accompanied by two by them observing his behavior. The catholic doctrine, about the existence and nature of Los Angeles, was defined in IV council of Letrn in 1215 and of the Vatican. According to these declarations, Los Angeles exists, was created without spots and enjoys complete espiritualidad, that is to say subsists indeed like the soul, without needing a body. Santo Toms maintains that they were elevated to the participation of the gifts on natural, right away in whom were created.

No angel is equal to another one in the grace degree, as they are not it in the one of nature. For the Los Angeles catholics they are aids of the Providence in the government of the world. Between the catholics the belief is professed of Los Angeles of the guard for the people and the towns; also angels exist who accompany to souls in the final judgment. Atengoras says that there are angels in charge of the regular operation of the sky, the Earth and all the natural elements. The supranaturalistic protestant theologians, who like those of the reform admit the existence of Los Angeles (by respect to the Bible) exclude, them from all intervention in the government of the souls and towns relegate and them to stars. The materialistic and rationalist schools reject modern them like incompatible with the science and the discovery of Coprnico.

In century IV, the council of Laodicea, declared that many Christians with the pretext to honor to Los Angeles they left the church and they left Christ. Reason why this cult does not begin seriously until half-full of century III. San Ambrosio was one of the impellers majority. In the Greek churches he was where angelolatra reached its greater extension. The germanic calendar mentions eight angels: Miguel, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel, Malthiel, Zadkiel, Peliel and Raziel. In the present catholic litanies are invoked arcngeles Miguel, Gabriel and Rafael, after the Virgin; and in the old invocations of Egyptian origin the names of Los Angeles consist immediately after the Trinidad. Here you will find articles of quality verified for the care of the Body, the Mind and the Spirit; besides other sections like being: Sports, Entertainments, Computation, Health, Painting and more.