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Dec 27 2012

Max Weber

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This work constitutes an analysis of the weberiana metodolgica theory, with special attention the way as Max Weber cheated to create a social science that searched the substratum subjective of the social phenomena, the call comprehensive sociology. The objective is to see as Weber faced the possibility of ' ' objetividade' ' joined to its […]

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Dec 21 2012

The Code

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It seems us a nonsense to believe that the world will be governed by one alone man, seems us nonsense to believe that those fantasmagricas narratives of the apocalypse of Joo, can mark some day in the distant future; however a critical analysis of the current events, will show, independent of the interpretations, that this […]

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Dec 08 2012

Child And Nature

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Child and nature Today in the century XXl, the concentration of the children this each shorter time, the stimulatons are many, as: computer, TV, video game, and other technologies that attention of the children harms. The contact with small animals, as ant, fish, turtle, ducks, birds, helps the development of the child, to also understand […]

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Dec 04 2012

April Sector

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The team economic of the measured government this week of stimulaton to the sector of industrial goods will have to argue, where if it includes the manufacture of machines and equipment. Indirectly, these actions can help to the metallurgy and the mechanics, suppliers of steel and parts for equipment in general. At the beginning of […]

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Dec 04 2012


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The word Angel, comes from Greek ngelois, that means nuncio, messenger. The Muslims admit angels of both sexes, and think that each man is accompanied by two by them observing his behavior. The catholic doctrine, about the existence and nature of Los Angeles, was defined in IV council of Letrn in 1215 and of the […]

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