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Jan 30 2013

Computers Syllabus Machine

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Computers computers that have been appearing since the 1940s have been grouped in 5 generations, which differ in their components. However the real computing Revolution did not until the appearance of microprocessors. First generation 1940-1960 Harvard University establishes an agreement with Enterprise IBM to create a computer of a general nature. This machine was operational […]

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Jan 24 2013

Digital Computers

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Conceptually, the current digital computers are very similar among themselves, since all of them are based on an architecture proposed in 1946 by the American John von Newmann (1903-1957). Now, nearly all current computers can be classified into four basic types: personal computers, workstations, minicomputers and mainframes. Personal computers (Personal Computer, PC) have a size […]

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Jan 15 2013


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The word to decide in the Latin is ' ' decidere' ' that it means to eliminate all the other alternatives. When we decide to make the good the evil leaves of being an option, now to choose the evil we exclude the alternative of the good, of the one not to walk in the […]

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