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Sep 25 2013

Social Bookmarking

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You probably have heard much social bookmarking lately. As a matter of fact, you can spend hundreds of dollars at this time only to find out what this is all. But not here. You’re getting information from someone who did the research and found that you it’s a great way of getting more traffic to […]

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Sep 19 2013


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Now there is a very easy way to combine two fundamental aspects: fun and understanding of Internet. The framework of the network of networks is somewhat complicated for someone who includes for the first time. I still remember how it was that day that I sat in front of a computer and I explained what […]

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Sep 12 2013

The Conditions

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Now, that Yes, at that time my adult side computated immediately added to that desired condition factors: safety in the work, dynamic activity, free time, acceptable salary etc. It was something too nice to let it go. I took the decision immediately and knew that it was going to be fireman and my time to […]

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Sep 06 2013

Notebook Computers

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The notebooks are very lightweight and powerful computers. All the tasks that performs a desktop PC can make them a notebook, but with mobility. The notebooks currently have batteries that allow you to have great autonomy. The notebooks because of their lightness can be away from home, to a park or outdoor. To conclude they […]

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