What Is A Gift ?

Just a thing mysteriously packed? And forced to hide their disappointment after packing destroyed? Or welcome surprise, which purposefully hinted in the previous two months? Or banal envelope with a sum of duty with the words "Something for nothing? Or is it a gift Or is it a gift – it's something from childhood. When really expecting a New Year's morning to a pleasant-restless heart to dive under tree rustling in the search box. When every birthday – a real celebration. All exciting, all the day is fine and you all can! True, true! Everything, everything is possible! And waiting time distribution of elephants with anxiety – well, when did already, eh? Well, when all will – cake, candles, guests. and gifts! When the world is simple and bright, with each box of wafers Artek causes a storm of emotions. When you take – and grateful. When all – just good! And then you grow up. As a fast and unexpectedly.

Emotions and less time, hassle and problems all the more. And a birthday – it's just an additional cost. And it does not rejoice, and kalkuliruesh in mind the cost of the gift. Or a pre-talk to friends and family that you give, fearing irrelevance. And about the number of executable years generally try not to think about. And when you think, are always added to the figure "just something" How could return this childish sense of celebration? This is an exciting expectation? This portion of an enjoyable adrenaline at the time of delivery of a gift? The whole secret is to throw the veil of habit, pattern vision, break through the social crust to the present, living, open perception. Here, unfortunately, the the case when he himself did not help. But just do not get to be a hero, become the organizer! Integrates information about the habits of a loved one.

Watch. Look at the favorite for the first time. Re-evaluate what it touches, what pleases me that cares. What he cherished dream? What is your favorite movie? And then sit down and think about what exactly causes the right emotion from him? What gift would need him and only him? And make your loved one a gift, which permanently overwhelm emotions, make only talks about it. Well, you bring certain dividends in the form of increased and loving gratitude. Thanks for that with your help at least for a day returned to this childish sense gift!

Communication Evolution

1 INTRODUCTION the evolution of the communications and, therefore, of the information, led to a frantic development of the use of the technology, with special attention to the intense use of computers. Being thus, the gift to paper intends to approach YOU directed toward the branch of the fashion drawing, demonstrating where these technological resources can be applied, giving options to the interested administrators and designers in getting competitive advantage in this so rocking market that it is of the Fashion. For the accomplishment of paper, a methodology of bibliographical research was used, looking for to elucidate many still unknown points in regards to the chosen subject, visa the basic importance of the technology in the current businesses. In accordance with Riegelman (2006), the drawing is a language that makes possible the expression and communication of visual ideas. in the fashion drawing, the ideas to be express are on solutions that not yet exist outside of the mind of designer, as much with the purpose of orientation on the product of fashion as with the purpose to develop a creation process. In this way, interpreting the drawing as communication tool, it is that if it can understand that the fashion product is born and goes if forming. 2 the CULTURE HUMAN BEING PRODUCES FASHION AND the FASHION COMMUNICATES the CULTURE HUMAN BEING According to Edgar Morin (1992), the culture human being is constituted by information accumulated for the man throughout its evolution, information these that must be kept and be transmitted each new individual of the social group. In accordance with Lcia Santaella (1992), for language we must all understand and any phenomenon of production of felt significao and. A time that the clothes, stops beyond changes and transformations in its material structure, also presents a plan of representation and significao, then we can affirm that the clothes also consist as language, being, therefore, apt to fulfill a communication function.

Reaching Peak Torque

Means comparison of the time taken to reach peak torque of each individual athlete between the exercise performed with and without tech sock. Sec to peak torque (SEC) Flexion plantarDorsiflexionVelocidad 30 / segundoValor P = 0.231 P = 0.125Velocidad 300 / segundoValor P = 0.313 P = 0.092 Value of Discussion With the development of systems we can quantitatively assess isokinetic muscle condition that an athlete has, at different speeds (high and low) getting a bonus of results and therefore a record that can lead to the field that suits every athlete, from assessing their strength before and after training to assess the physical recovery of an athlete after his rehabilitation by isokinetic dynamometry (1 .)

The results of the study attempt to show if the same compare sportsperson with sock sock and pro-tech sport, brand sport Medilast doing the same test there are differences, to determine whether a specific sports material increases, as in other sports, values are recorded during a test of this kind; these values are correct and refer to very specific muscle planes and not the isokinetic dynamometer allows us to work at different levels such as during a sports action that runs in several directions at the same time, hence its limitations, but on the other hand, allows us to specifically assess the qualities of a muscle group. The literature found, experiences and comments made by professionals of high performance sport, and performed using both their training and in competitions these socks modern technology, we suggest the idea that subjectively increases performance tech sock the player during sports practice, increasing your comfort, delaying the onset of fatigue and thereby reducing the risk of injury and increased injury prevention a primary, a study says cycling mesh compression on the train descending lower performance increases upper body in canoeists (16). .


Each region had a color, a ceiba (huge tree with very straight trunk and abundant foliage) with a bird resting on it, a type of corn, and various animals as symbols. The ceibas argued the sky next to gods with animal or human form called Bacabs, appearing also as destroyers and computers of worlds. Ceibas both birds were the region color: black for the West, white for North East red and yellow for the South. Other two essential points in maya Cosmology are: highest in the center of the sky, the Zenith, and the lowest in the center of the underworld, the nadir. These two points were the two ends of the vertical axis of the world, what the center of the Earth, through which the shaft, was the center of the universe, the fifth address the point of union between heaven, Earth and the underworld. Another symbolic image of the ground level was a crocodile or lizard that was floating on the water and on whose back was growing vegetation.

The Yucatecan Maya called it Itzam-Kab-Ain, Dragon-tierra – crocodile. The underworld was that Monster belly, so in addition to being the death place, contained seeds of new life. In the Earth’s surface the Maya associated the entrances to the underworld with the Caverns as representations of the womb of the great mother earth. The cenotes or sacred Lakes were also accesses to the world below. The four celestial regions and the infraterrestres, compar-tian earth colors. The four celestial regions were the Itzamnaes or dragons, which were the quadrupling of the great dragon Itzamna, the Supreme God; In addition to four Chaacs, or gods of rain and four Pahuahtunes, gods of the winds. The existence of these three planes: Celestial, terrestrial and underworld, was its depiction in various Mayan areas: Mythology, Archaeoastronomy, i.e. in his peculiar way of structuring their cities so that they constitute enclosures sacred image of the universe, and in the human psyche, which is the interior space where take place the processes that lead to different levels of consciousness, and, as noted, by the descent to the underworld himself to ascend to the celestial spheres once exceeded the corresponding tests.

Gifts Valentine

Prints on canvas and mounts. Choose an image and we will print it on a canvas, either choose multiple photos from your Favorites to turn them into a wonderful collage of images that you can have on a canvas. While Assembly of photos so you can add to any gift, the best option will always be a canvas, since the texture of your fabric gives the image a real appearance, as a screen or paper will never. It is an excellent choice to make Valentine’s gifts. Photo cushions and custom blankets. Cushions and personalized blankets are a great choice if you are looking for original gifts. Both are available in various sizes and shapes, which allow you to customize your gift by taking care of every detail.

Our latest addition is a cushion with heart-shaped Valentine to which you can add a photo and a personalized text. Books of photos and albums photo albums have been his popularity always related with analogue cameras, but with the advent of digital cameras It has declined by the ease with which dan hard disks store images. In recent years they have re-emerged thanks to improvements in the quality of printing and options like customizing photo albums cover allows a format more pleasant and real than a cold computer screen. Photo calendars photo calendar you can choose up to 13 photos, write a title and a custom message for each month of the year. Also for every month you can place a photo. We recommend placing the most beautiful picture on the cover. Browsing our web page can encotnrar great choices of Valentine’s gifts.