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Nov 28 2013

What Is A Gift ?

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Just a thing mysteriously packed? And forced to hide their disappointment after packing destroyed? Or welcome surprise, which purposefully hinted in the previous two months? Or banal envelope with a sum of duty with the words "Something for nothing? Or is it a gift Or is it a gift – it's something from childhood. When […]

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Nov 21 2013

Communication Evolution

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1 INTRODUCTION the evolution of the communications and, therefore, of the information, led to a frantic development of the use of the technology, with special attention to the intense use of computers. Being thus, the gift to paper intends to approach YOU directed toward the branch of the fashion drawing, demonstrating where these technological resources […]

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Nov 14 2013

Reaching Peak Torque

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Means comparison of the time taken to reach peak torque of each individual athlete between the exercise performed with and without tech sock. Sec to peak torque (SEC) Flexion plantarDorsiflexionVelocidad 30 / segundoValor P = 0.231 P = 0.125Velocidad 300 / segundoValor P = 0.313 P = 0.092 Value of Discussion With the development of […]

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Nov 08 2013


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Each region had a color, a ceiba (huge tree with very straight trunk and abundant foliage) with a bird resting on it, a type of corn, and various animals as symbols. The ceibas argued the sky next to gods with animal or human form called Bacabs, appearing also as destroyers and computers of worlds. Ceibas […]

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Nov 01 2013

Gifts Valentine

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Prints on canvas and mounts. Choose an image and we will print it on a canvas, either choose multiple photos from your Favorites to turn them into a wonderful collage of images that you can have on a canvas. While Assembly of photos so you can add to any gift, the best option will always […]

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