The Beings

Therefore, after to operate a separation between the Christian theology and the medieval philosophy, extracting of this incision the fragility of a metaphysics of the individual, Occam points the place with respect to which each one of the fields must follow. The theology supported for the dogmas of the Christian faith must exclusively base for the acceptance spiritual, turning itself toward the practical and ethical action. The philosophy has as study object only the given real world as object of its knowledge, exempts of the unnecessary speculations that if interpose in the formularization of this knowledge. 8. THE OCCAM RAZOR. ' ' Entia non sunt multiplicanda to praeter necessitatem' ' it is not multiplied the beings if it will not be necessary. This is the canon that allows to the operation of separation between the philosophy and the theology, as well as marks the end of the medieval scholastic and new modern science.

As it was displayed throughout the speech, Occam creates critical consistent and elaborated, at the same time a bothering one, in which it operates the separation between the theology and the philosophy, fitting the theology, in this direction, to become negative and limited, that is, only affirming what God is not. Still for this track, it in such a way has a rejection of Occam to the tests prepared for S. Toms de Aquino for existence of God how much to the formularization of the analogical being, if I also extend to the univocal being of D. Scotus. None of these Metaphysical concepts has authority, fallacious seno, to make a speech and to support what it affirms. Occam all points the time with respect to the contingent qualities of the only accessible individuals to int