History Isotrol

History Isotrol born in 1984 to tackle innovative projects in the power sector, developing its first projects for companies such as Sevillana de Electricidad (now Sevillana-Endesa) and REE, which allowed the application of new technologies in the control of its facilities and information systems. Since then, Isotrol has evolved to adapt to market changes and demands, diversifying its scope, and settling around the energy sector, water sector, industry and environment, and public sector. Consolidation in the three sectors and the commitment to innovation and technological development in the context of free software are the foundation of their business strategy. Currently, Isotrol working on the development, integration and implementation of control systems of wind farms nationwide.The Renewable Energy Center, a system designed specifically for the integrated management of power plants, controls more than 15 of the total installed wind power in Spain, a rating that exceeds 2 Gigawatt, enough to supply electricity to 1 million homes. In the area of remote and technology consultancy, has developed a SCADA Isotrol own based on open standards, enabling management and control systems and easily accessible via a web browser and allows the management of facilities, networks water and energy. Isotrol is also responsible for the largest deployment worldwide of open source technology infrastructure for Public Administration, working with the Ministry of Education of the Andalusian Regional Government to improve and go for new educational methods.A total of 2,000 schools and over 250,000 computers are now integrated and interconnected under the administration of CGA (Advanced Management Center), representing 40 of public elementary and secondary Andalusia.