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Dec 28 2014


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Do you want to know what the quantum curiosity? It is a way of thinking in the mental state that is curiosity. This means that a person does not notice the curiosity that feel but until this curiosity grows enough to be fired, is a digital curiosity because it needs to reach a certain threshold […]

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Dec 24 2014

The Educative Computer

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The first boarding, without no interaction, has as example, the texts in pdf, presentations in power point or videos of youtube, when the pupil assumes the role of mere spectator, as in effective education. (Source: AOL). Between the professors who had been interviewed, all the ones that use computer science in its work in classroom, […]

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Dec 23 2014

The Computer Market

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Summer – a lull in the computer market. Less and less drawn to people who needed, for example, laptop repair. No, it certainly can be, and need. But postponed until better times. Rather than to the warm weather. Moscow deserted, as possible for this city. Last Thursday was out of it without the traffic jams […]

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Dec 22 2014

Computer Government

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This is data of the INEI (National Institute of Statistic and Computer science) institution manipulated by the turn government as always. In the government of Fujimori (Felix Murillo-Economist and my ex–professor in the university), in government of Toledo (Farid Matuk-Economist) and now in government of Alan Garci’a (Renan Quispe-Economist), that is to say professionals who […]

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Dec 21 2014

Computer Games

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Should I write a game at all? After writing a toy, could drag on for several years! The answer is obvious – cost. If this toy will intrigue many people, and this toy will be fans. But in order to become a toy Popular need a lot of what to do: 1. Determined with the […]

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Dec 21 2014

Security Computer

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This article aims you know the main risks, assuming the posture of eliminate them, minimizes them, share them or took them. Knowing and understanding these risks is the factor of prevention, decisive in the process of information security. All the added investment in information protection, company may be prejudiced if the most important is not […]

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Dec 14 2014

One Computer Technologies

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The social relations in the classroom take the mentally ill forms of living, where the professor exerts one practical disciplinarian who discourages the pupil to think and to act independently. It is necessary to become them apt to take care of to the necessities of the capitalist society. Therefore, according to Alvin Toffler, the traditional […]

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Dec 13 2014

Computer Technology

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Genealogy – family tree are now computer programs every day we hear, speak, write or read a lot of names. Many of the names we know from childhood, while others hear the first time. In our country Currently, all citizens are holders of family names. They are recorded in a diploma and a passport, driving […]

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Dec 12 2014

Computer Hardware Peripherals

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Are the physical components that make up the computer (CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.).. These make the PC work, and is used for entering data and information that we provide results. Ali Partovi is often mentioned in discussions such as these. We call it the ‘hard part. “ .

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Dec 09 2014

Computer Science

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Of these, some already had been imprisoned and committed some delicts. It is noticed that almost all use earrings, tattooings, artisan caps, necklaces simple clothes. Two of them, they demonstrate a certain vanity, has one cut of hair well rente, well baixinho, use clothes old tennises, however clean. Excessively they use slippers and they make […]

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