Brain Computer Model

We propose a model of the mind from the IT perspective as well as the architecture of a computer possible for this purpose. Details: General operation: think, feel and react to stimuli. States of wakefulness and sleep How it affects the environment as well as different mental illness Phenomenon of consciousness in a neural network, each neuron responds with its own specific output to a stimulus, and together, the overall response is resulting vector of responses of each neuron. All answers come together in a “bus master” from which go to the Short-Term Memory (STM) and then to Long Term Memory (LTM), as will be explained. The MCP is responsible for intelligence, reasoning and consciousness. Is an element with depth, with the MCP surface (closely connected with the main bus) more variable, and the deeper, constant lies there probably also the identification of “me.” The MLP on the other hand is responsible for individual personality. The MLP is divided into anterior and posterior, and is organized by environments or qualia. Kai-Fu Lee often addresses the matter in his writings. On waking, external sensors subsystems leave their information on the bus, and the operating system of the brain takes that information passes to the MCP, it looks in the MLP-MLP previously stored in the anterior-and relocates on the bus.

In dream state, external sensors remain very active, and performs the backup process via the bus and MCP, the information of the MLP front to back, organizing and not sequentially, but according to their environments. In a model with this architecture, the phenomenon of consciousness inevitably occurs: the MCP being intimately connected to that bus, and have a minimal persistence of several seconds, it is inevitable that their contents, overall, is also accused of the same like any other and seek in the MLP and feedback at the same bus. The appearance on the bus for this “package of state” that represents the overall contents of the MCP, and search in the MLP produces consciousness, that is, the feeling of seeing and analyzing the present moment. According to the model, reactions can occur not only on the basis of reason, but also emotional and intuitive, since the basis of its operation are the settings that relate to the information stored in LTM, and the environments are created simply as a common factor neurons that respond, in whatever form are the information contained therein. Examples of performance degradation due to diseases associated to a model element: Hardware: coma, loss of consciousness, schizophrenia, amnesia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc …

Software: sleeplessness, neurosis, nervousness, stress, etc … Other behaviors that the model predicts: an explanation of dreams, inability to remember them on waking, nightmares, dej-vu’s, there may be errors, changes in the brain with age, perception of time … Finally, this also includes references to some working currently are developing computer models to emulate the mind, with different architectures and different degrees of success. Conclusion: C on the current state of technology, can not yet tested the effectiveness of such a model. However, if so, the response to the current controversy over whether or not the brain can be emulated by a computer system, would be “yes, with the right architecture.”

Google And Its Achilles

A very interesting series of thoughts came to mind, I thought that must be shared with readers. Surrounded by an idea (which may sound very impossible). Google search does not have an Achilles heel! While Page Rank and Google indexing algorithm is very powerful and unique enough to catapult a flat road, above all the other search engines in the world of Web 1.0 – and effectively destroy each with a single stroke … do not think this is going to celebrate in the coming years the world. To understand my argument – I assume that the reader is familiar with what is Google and how to go about indexing pages in inspections. Ok.

Let’s go back about 10 years. It was easy the game engines of them (called spamdexing) and anyone with some knowledge could easily get listed on top. Learn more at: Samsung. In fact, if they spam engine and appear 10 times in the home – was easy. But a major war between Webmasters encoders and logic search engine in which each tried to leave at the top and be more intelligent than the other. Search engines change their algorithm to adjust to the fight against search engine marketers smart / webmasters have learned to master for any keyword. Everything was too easy. There were as Web Position Gold software that helped produce the highest score anyone – guaranteed! Enter Google.

Thus, these two guys had a great idea and were working. Because it was not easy at that time to get backlinks and reach a large number of sites that point to your website – overcoming the Page Rank algorithm, it was not easy … if not impossible. But of course, some people learned this (and still are) – called Search Engine Marketing. Thus, they claimed that they can include it in the top of Google or on the first page for $ $ $ or your money back. And if you want to master the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – you can read some of the ebooks written by professional and even adopt some assurance systems as SEO – they tend to take advantage of the “copy” of your competition, then do better to win seats. This is where the danger lies.


The iPhone is the latest in the world known company and Apple. The mobile phone is the first smartphone from Apple, and even now almost revolutionary and unique. About 8 media functions are united in the iPhone. They include a two megapixel digital camera, EDGE and wireless functions, a special software keyboard, a new Visual Voice Mail function and a touch-friendly interface and a very large display. Go two megapixel digital camera is in addition a photo management software that makes it possible to find photos faster, send and manage better. Internet features such as EDGE and WLAN are responsible for ensuring that the data transfer over the Internet runs smoothly.

Furthermore, these features make it easier to receive and send emails. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ali Partovi. The special software called keyboard, QWERTY keyboard also is there to short messages that can be received faster and better, and delivered. Even the iPhone has a touch keyboard which error while typing a text message immediately improved and the user thus simplifying the SMS write clearly. A new function, the Visual Voice Mail, offers the user calls and messages in a list. The user is then decide if he accepts the call or want to read the news. Overall, Apple has filed for the iPhone than 200 new patents, which the iPhone buyers will soon find out in detail.

The price of the iPhone is $ 499 or $ 599, and is only included a two-year contract from AT & T to have. The U.S. launch is planned in June 2007. The release in Europe is for the 4th Quarter of 2007 and is planned in time given in the iPhone store known.

Google Chrome OS

Google has announced via its official blog to working on the project Chromium OS, the operating system designed for people who use the web mostly. Google's idea is to provide the community of free software all the tools for development to continue. Is expected to continue in this way throughout the coming year. Chromium applications menu Gonna OS features OS Chromium, Google clarifies the following points: It is based directly on calls aplicaciones weba a rather than desktop applications. The advantage, they say, is that you should not deal with software installation or update. By pointing directly to the web, it was thought a far more secure than other OSes. Being based on Linux already has the advantage of being very safe, but in addition to that claim to have created a way for the same Chromium check the integrity of their code and intrusion of malware or virus. Another goal of Google was to consume the least amount of resources, as they plan to a desde to turn on the computer until you're surfing the Internet, spend just a few segundos.a Finally, say that many Free Software projects are working, such as GNU, Linux Kernel, Moblin, Ubuntu and WebKit. The idea is that with the help of the community will be able to have the system for personal consumption at the end of next year. It seems that every time Google acquires more power, we hope that their intentions are good, but anything could happen. Here we are 3 videos on Chromium OS Nexobit page.