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Nov 28 2015

Brain Computer Model

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We propose a model of the mind from the IT perspective as well as the architecture of a computer possible for this purpose. Details: General operation: think, feel and react to stimuli. States of wakefulness and sleep How it affects the environment as well as different mental illness Phenomenon of consciousness in a neural network, […]

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Nov 26 2015

The USB Memory

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It sometimes happens in the workplace and at home that we need to leave your computer on. However we do not want another person has the ability to access the documents we are using or windows open while we are away. Shut off the computer is an option, but a little uncomfortable. If you have […]

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Nov 16 2015

Google And Its Achilles

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A very interesting series of thoughts came to mind, I thought that must be shared with readers. Surrounded by an idea (which may sound very impossible). Google search does not have an Achilles heel! While Page Rank and Google indexing algorithm is very powerful and unique enough to catapult a flat road, above all the […]

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Nov 04 2015


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The iPhone is the latest in the world known company and Apple. The mobile phone is the first smartphone from Apple, and even now almost revolutionary and unique. About 8 media functions are united in the iPhone. They include a two megapixel digital camera, EDGE and wireless functions, a special software keyboard, a new Visual […]

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Nov 03 2015

Google Chrome OS

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Google has announced via its official blog to working on the project Chromium OS, the operating system designed for people who use the web mostly. Google's idea is to provide the community of free software all the tools for development to continue. Is expected to continue in this way throughout the coming year. Chromium applications […]

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