The iPhone is the latest in the world known company and Apple. The mobile phone is the first smartphone from Apple, and even now almost revolutionary and unique. About 8 media functions are united in the iPhone. They include a two megapixel digital camera, EDGE and wireless functions, a special software keyboard, a new Visual Voice Mail function and a touch-friendly interface and a very large display. Go two megapixel digital camera is in addition a photo management software that makes it possible to find photos faster, send and manage better. Internet features such as EDGE and WLAN are responsible for ensuring that the data transfer over the Internet runs smoothly.

Furthermore, these features make it easier to receive and send emails. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ali Partovi. The special software called keyboard, QWERTY keyboard also is there to short messages that can be received faster and better, and delivered. Even the iPhone has a touch keyboard which error while typing a text message immediately improved and the user thus simplifying the SMS write clearly. A new function, the Visual Voice Mail, offers the user calls and messages in a list. The user is then decide if he accepts the call or want to read the news. Overall, Apple has filed for the iPhone than 200 new patents, which the iPhone buyers will soon find out in detail.

The price of the iPhone is $ 499 or $ 599, and is only included a two-year contract from AT & T to have. The U.S. launch is planned in June 2007. The release in Europe is for the 4th Quarter of 2007 and is planned in time given in the iPhone store known.