The Old Requenguela

Text based on momentary psychological states of you vary colleagues of the college of visual arts of the PUC Campinas. Very lean, branquela and maltrapilha, the old one walked fast, therefore always it was been slow. Its austere and prompt look weighed to it in the faces, almost always dumb and compenetrada, studied, planned and modified the plans for the future, but the present age always one I bother which did not deserve well-taken care of greaters. It had d to spend money and, in against departure, it did not make much question to gain it the sufficient, always lived in the squeeze, but, hopeful of that the future would be better. Old not the wise person to the certainty as she happened, but all time that a possibility of loving relationship started to give the lesser signal to happen, it closed itself still more, disabling any evolution and alone if she gave account later that the possibility if extinguished completely. To the times it believed some type of ' ' maldio' ' , thus she saved the reasoning in the analysis of what she would be making of ' ' errado' ' or of ' ' certo' '. As much postponed questions of the heart that the time passed fast very nobody more were in order it, the solitude became temper bitter taste of its life.

If the least had a son, could have company for a long time in its life, therefore the children are perpetual dependents of the mothers, saved rarssimas exceptions. But, in the life, the only certainty is what already it happened to it, that is, the death, it also did not escape. Today nobody more if remembers the old one, to be that one with who it could not have constituted one meaning for its existence and diverse data to the life other people who could this feeling its lack and making company for who loved it the life all, but it had that to swallow dry this love. Manoel Brando Nobill

Erus Love

They look at the world with a very aggressive look. She is easy to understand because Afrodite was one of the loving ones of Airs, the sanguinrio god of the war. They had had two children, Phobos and Deimos. Phobos god of the terror, it is the etiology of the word phobia-terror that a citizen has of an object or circumstance. Deimus, god of the fear, feeling of fear before a real or imaginary threat. All these deuses were personificao of the desires and passions of the people of that one time. For them the war was more important that the love.

Ridicule but for historical time was reasonable. (Not to be confused with Ali Partovi!). A good time of that time was transferred and today we know that the love is the biggest force of the universe as it is the fear. In all the religions the love is considered one of the biggest virtues. The fear is not completely harmful. It is auto-preservation instinct. However it cannot run away from the control, be disproportionate and irrational.

Many times the fear that we have badly of one in them provokes another one badly very worse. Very well, the love has two children the love gape, that the love of the friendship is fraternal love is the glue that joins the individuals of the family human being. Erus love: very important sexual love for quality of life. Zigmund Bauman would say that the fear is capsizing liquid, relieves money for the industries of the fear. Armored alarms, gratings, cars. that to love this if becoming dangerous in our modernity it eliminates. But this is not my focus taste to pass these important terms for the filter of the poetry and fancy. The Fear is father of the anxiety, of phobia and of the anguish. The girl anxiety is what less it bothers well dosed stimulates in them to leave the problems. Phobia, this blocks frightens and detonates with the reserves of positive psychic energy. finally the Anguish the son oldest of the Fear is a displeasure sensation, for reasons that can be real or neurotics. Freud with its reducionista and broken up vision wanted to explain everything, however never it explained why it smoked in such a way and it had a so unstable mood. It explained that the anguish is associated with the Erus Love, that is, to the sex. It affirms that the off libido, he is not converted and she is set free in form of not satisfied a pulsional discharge, and that it is excluded from the conscience generating anguish. Then let us invest in the simple love and without noises. I finish with a poetry. We have thought about the life, in the way we live as it, in them we come across with the WILL and the DESIRE the COURAGE AND the COWARDICE, the WISDOM AND the IGNORANCE. we come across in them with the life Is only enough to decide and to smile thus Accepting says bellwether to it that it insists on our ears Goes to live Goes to tan the slightness leaves to take account of your ortaleza, yours to act.

Place Group

All participate equally of the decision taking. The organization is democrtica' '. When all the ones that are part of the company, exactly that they have operational functions, can think through the dialogue, becoming involved themselves in the quarrels of ideas, the critical one based and the respect to the opinions of the other. This strengthens the participation of the group and can lead to a satisfactory agreement of the involved ones as well as the motivation. Schermerhorn (2007, P. 177) says that ' ' the participation can increase the creativity and the available information for the planning. It can also increase the agreement and the acceptance of the plans, beyond the comprometimento stops with its sucesso' '. Whenever the company perceives that its collaborators can act, not only in the execution of the tasks, but, in the planning giving suggestions, criticizing, etc, all tend to earn.

As much the employee, who goes to develop its potentiality better, as the company, who will have greaters strategies and cohesion. Taking in consideration the formal structure of the organizations, that in elapsing of the years if has kept unbroken for traditional organizations, in accordance with Rangel, (2008, online): Beyond the mannering aspects, the participativa administration also redesigns implies it of the structures. Positions, work groups and the structure as a whole, are organized in way that the participation depends, not only of the attitudes and favorable disposals of the people, but also and mainly of the system of norms and procedures. The structure must stimulate the people to the participation. The participation of the employees in the organizations has left of being only one informal, voluntary and sporadical attitude, to be part of the formal, involuntary and constant system.

The managers have perceived that the differences between the people constitute a powerful force, for the dynamism and the functioning of the group. The decentralization provides agility in the processes, had the sectors to be linked the communication flows more quickly; as well as the power is distributed, allowing the taking of decision in the place that occurs the problem, making with that it does not have breaking in the supply of the product or service to the customer (MINTZBERG, 2003). The participativa management reduces time wastefulness and money, speeding up the conditions of competitiveness of the company, it always is to the front of the competitors. Therefore its processes are not emperrados, but, dynamic and efficient, for being able to count on the ability of all the collaborators. So that it has greater envolvement on the part of the collaborators the necessary organization if to show sensetized in relation to the individual interest of the employees; therefore in such a way it will only obtain to make with that the interest of the company also is valued. Rangel (2008, online) says that ' ' it has greater participation when the interests of the individual and the group are tied, that is, when the integrant ones if know well and can communicate in a reliable climate ' '. The company is formed by human beings and when they will be valued as such, then the manager will have all the collaborators as if they were only one with company. This efficient tool guarantees competitiveness, to the step that can have its motivated collaborators, engaged and involved with the organizacional management.

Artificial Intelligence

While participating in the general booth, of course, much more interesting than being a bystander. The great thing about the faction war – that it generally You can close your eyes. This system is made solely for our pleasure and a small salary (for successfully repulsed the attack and captured the point here pay extra). Pete Cashmore gathered all the information. Do not want to get involved in the conflict? Nobody forces. More addition, this approach has its plus and: you can perform the initial tasks of all factions and all consist of flimsy neutral relations of the form: They palnut us, we pal'nite him. " Updated and Artificial Intelligence slum areas.

Monster, this update did not affect, but people began to behave more aggressively and smarter enemies now are much more active use of the shelter, you can easily get around the side, while their comrades in firing suppression, and (at last) to throw a grenade. Visit Steven Johnson for more clarity on the issue. With grenades, however, left a small puncture: it was very apt to throw opponents at any distance and in any cover. When 30 meters clear of the window flies a couple of limonok, want to yell through netsenzurschinu Stanislavsky: "Do not believe it!" Life in the Zone Play harder still, and because the zone itself has become tougher. It was fixed a few significant shortcomings "Stalker", because of which original game became too easy, and some ideas embodied in it did not work first and most important – the economy used to pouring money into the pockets of us an endless stream, even if it does not make special effort.

Eurasia Institute Fee

Of course, you can order an individual or find a suitable specialized course, but it is fun is available for an additional fee. Do not forget, have to fork out and accommodation. – Language School reserves accommodation to choose from: from dorm rooms to apartments, where you can live as alone or with one of the classmates – explains the head of the department of education of "Gulf Stream" Svetlana Aksenova. – The best option – staying in a family where you can communicate every day on everyday topics, improving conversational German. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. Managers for the resettlement of carefully selected host families, we recommend the friendly and hospitable hosts, trying to ensure that students with home comfort and coziness. An additional advantage of this option – close acquaintance with the German way of life, traditions, values and culture. Homestay without meal will cost 524, with breakfast – 660 euros per month. Half board (breakfast and dinner) will have to shell out 850, and for full board (breakfast + lunch + dinner) – 1040 euro.

However, in this case, discounts are provided. Additional costs: Registration fee schools (80 euros), transfer airport / train station – a place of settlement in the same direction (75 euros), travel expenses (100 euros), health insurance (20 euros), the visa fee at the Embassy (35 euros), transport costs in the country (12 euros per week), spending money (50 euro per week) Tutorials (40 euros), with examinations certificate (60 euros). Guest students Eugenia Lyalko, listener language courses schools Eurasia Institute (Germany): – I just love it! After a month stay in the country could communicate with anyone on any subject.

Achieving Goals

What is different from the dream goal? Our desires can be divided into two groups: the execution of one like right now, immediately (and we sell them!), The execution of other wants to 'in principle', 'time', 'ever' – it remains a dream. Often intention to learn a foreign language belongs to the latter category. 'That would be good to excellent knowledge of English (German, Spanish)' – you are dreaming. To make the dream become a reality, you need to know how to set goals. Step 1.

Need to visualize your goal. First, determine what you want to get a result. It is for you. Why do you teach a language? Everyone has different goals: the workers – sharing experience with other countries, travel, negotiations with foreign partners, training, education abroad, translated literature in your specialty, contact the tourist trips; in another country live your relatives or close friends, and maybe be you want to teach a particular language for self-development. Decide what you want to learn: to be able to communicate fluently speak or read books and periodicals in foreign languages, watching movies? Think that now for you the most relevant. In any case not to proceed with their studies, if you want 'just to learn the language', 'here it is everywhere now need you! " Assignment: Imagine as vividly as possible and clearly what happens when you reach your goal.

This representation includes the goal of our subconscious resources and instincts, and the body is configured to achieve a result. Step 2. Needs a positive statement of your goals. Affirmatively to formulate your goal? This is what you seek, not something from which you want to get rid of. Our consciousness does not perceive negative statements end. Step 3. Needs to be fixed in the subconscious of your target Once you have staged a specific purpose, its must enter and secure in the subconscious mind, to penetrate it. Often, the people all the forces aiming to achieve a goal, yet subconsciously are not willing to pursue it. Psychological principles upon which you stated aim is fixed in the subconscious mind is self-hypnosis. Suggestion sent to the senses, and his main instrument – the repetition. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ali Partovi. Step 4. Need to identify resources to achieve the goal now define the resources – time or financial. How much are you willing to spend money on training? How many hours a week you can devote to learning the language? Step 5. Should try to draw a direct target of exactly describe what you specifically want to achieve. Such specific targeting of certain goals can be planned, for example, to record in a diary of time on certain days or weeks and implement in stages. Incorrect: "I want to learn English." Correct: "I want to listen to the daily 30-minute audiokurs'. Step 6. Need to record your goals will always be tempted to leave because everything in words. However, no written goals often remain vague and utopian dreams. Writing down your goals, you make them concrete and specific. When you see your goals written down on paper, you can see them in a different light. Reflect, to examine them more closely, change, reject or improve. Step 7. Need to take the first step Determine with what you start. Think about what you're going to do to achieve your goal. 'What can I do to achieve its result' 'How can I start and maintain a process to get results? "