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Jan 23 2016

The Old Requenguela

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Text based on momentary psychological states of you vary colleagues of the college of visual arts of the PUC Campinas. Very lean, branquela and maltrapilha, the old one walked fast, therefore always it was been slow. Its austere and prompt look weighed to it in the faces, almost always dumb and compenetrada, studied, planned and […]

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Jan 20 2016

Paid Conductor

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At that moment he took a wise decision: – I go until the city hall to arrange the tickets of vocs train to go until Rio De Janeiro. They can be in my hotel until the exit of the train. In this time he was mayor of Belo Horizonte, Otaclio Negro de Lima, the first […]

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Jan 18 2016


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Now I go to search my friend to take it until the river. It was an enormous pleasure to know it and still nor I know its name. Hunter? The pleasure was all mine, owner agouti. From today on I learned that without animals the forest can die, therefore we need to take care of […]

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Jan 14 2016

Erus Love

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They look at the world with a very aggressive look. She is easy to understand because Afrodite was one of the loving ones of Airs, the sanguinrio god of the war. They had had two children, Phobos and Deimos. Phobos god of the terror, it is the etiology of the word phobia-terror that a citizen […]

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Jan 14 2016

Place Group

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All participate equally of the decision taking. The organization is democrtica' '. When all the ones that are part of the company, exactly that they have operational functions, can think through the dialogue, becoming involved themselves in the quarrels of ideas, the critical one based and the respect to the opinions of the other. This […]

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Jan 12 2016

Marx Weber

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In convergence terms, the exemplifica author some demands that can become, or that already they are common, between the social movements and ecological movements, that is, ' ' verdes' ' ' ' vermelhos' '. (p.61) Lowy points finally, some called movements in the Europe, South America and other countries ' ' ecology social' ' (p.62), […]

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Jan 10 2016

Artificial Intelligence

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While participating in the general booth, of course, much more interesting than being a bystander. The great thing about the faction war – that it generally You can close your eyes. This system is made solely for our pleasure and a small salary (for successfully repulsed the attack and captured the point here pay extra). […]

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Jan 09 2016

Aswan Declaration

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These same brain flowed in Alexandria until the death of the library. Who and when it was destroyed, not well understood. It is known that in 47 BC. Oe. Caesar, unwilling to his fleet into the hands of the Egyptians, he burned the ships, and with them the port docks and warehouses, where there were […]

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Jan 07 2016

Eurasia Institute Fee

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Of course, you can order an individual or find a suitable specialized course, but it is fun is available for an additional fee. Do not forget, have to fork out and accommodation. – Language School reserves accommodation to choose from: from dorm rooms to apartments, where you can live as alone or with one of […]

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Jan 04 2016

Achieving Goals

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What is different from the dream goal? Our desires can be divided into two groups: the execution of one like right now, immediately (and we sell them!), The execution of other wants to 'in principle', 'time', 'ever' – it remains a dream. Often intention to learn a foreign language belongs to the latter category. 'That […]

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