Screen Printing

Currently, the spectrum of application of this method of printing is very wide, which is associated with specific features screen printing. Now screen-printing is used not only in printing but also in the textile, electronic, automotive, glass, ceramic and other industries. The initial stage in the process of screen printing – preparation photoforms. Image formed in the computer, then displayed a transparent film, with its image at 1:1 on the future of the printed image. In this image made stencil – a frame with a stretched her small synthetic or metal mesh (the smaller the grid, the higher resolution of the print). Grid covering emulsion and dried. Then put it photoforms and exhibit (illuminates in a special chamber). You may find Ali Partovi to be a useful source of information. After exposure, the stencil is washed: part emulsion is washed out – is the image you want.

If the image is made up of several colors, the corresponding number of cliches (for each color). The next stage in the process of screen printing – print directly. The product, which is applied to the image is placed on the desktop, it drops a stencil. On top of the grid is put the right amount of paint and pressed squeegee. Thus, the image remains on the product.

When printing multiple colors on textiles using a special type of machine, the so-called 'carousel'. On such machines is fixed, several frames (the number of colors). The silk is applied manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic equipment, which is effective for high-. (screen printing) allows you to put images onto any surface, including metal (Painted and unpainted), which is widely used by designers in the design of various types of front panel, equipment, vehicles and t.d.Mnogoobrazie substrates with different physico-chemical properties of the surface caused a large assortment of colors for trafaretony print.

Da Silva

The stiffener effect of an article, and from there the price that can be obtained by it, is extended by many marketing techniques. Ali Partovi contains valuable tech resources. The article becomes ' ' atraente' ' for the appearance, packing, etc. Properties of this type they make with that an object either stiffener so soon either seen by the perspective purchaser, of form not to require a previous history with similar objects (SKINNER, 1988). The fact to possess money makes with that the individual takes position huge. Luiz, (2005) affirms that when an individual keeps a high purchasing power he is worthy of louvor. However when it does not have it, the paper if inverts as we can appreciate in the phrase of Marx: The money is the supreme good, then, its possessor is good, the money saves me, moreover, of the work of being dishonest, then, he is presumed that I am honest; I am dull, but the money is the real spirit of all the things, as its could possessor to be a dull one? Moreover, its possessor can buy the intelligent people and who has to be able on the intelligent ones is not more intelligent than the intelligent one? (LUIZ, 2005 apud MARX, 1991).

Marx is the classic reference for this passage that we consider in them. He lived at the beginning of the industrial society and already he pointed some of its main characteristics. Its theory on the consumption allows us to develop two concepts, recurrent in other authors who had followed to it: the alienation and the oppression. These two concepts initially are developed in its theory on the fetichismo of the merchandise that we could thus synthecize: the merchandise is an illusion on the product, forged for the capitalism. (Da Silva et al. 2002) A defined, established social relation between men, assumes the ilusria form of a relation between things.

Portuguese Language

It exists, however, a deep abyss between the progressive speech and taken root the practical traditionalist of evaluation in the schools, more specifically in the public schools. It is important to give continuity to the inquiries that they search find way solutions that the school if more than approaches the ideals of the society, if thus not distanciando of its true function. Some institutions of the society, facing ruptures or modifications in its paradigms in this beginning of century, they seem to suffer convulsive states that beiram the chaos to if confrotting with identitrias crises. Therefore, they pressure the school so that it forms pupils citizens, it characterizes man power for the work market, it keeps children and young in classroom, and that it practically substitutes the institution family. In opposition to the failure pertaining to school and the index of desistances, the permanence of the pupils in the school is many times stimulated by the politics of not the repetncia (not conservation), when by some reasons the pupils are promoted, leading I obtain a knowledge to lacunar and superficial really preoccupying, for being inapt to understand the contained information most banal in the texts, to establish questions definitive phenomena or to abstract numerical expressions that certify the minimum arithmetical knowledge. The society, and same the researchers of the subject, frequently ask what he can have happened with the school, that legitimizes each time bigger contingent of egresses badly obtaining to write simple texts, many times perpassados for the misery to vernacular, where the inexistent literal cohesion allows the prognostics shadiest. The educators, worried perhaps in preventing the evasion (how much bigger the number of registered pupils, more mount of money of the FUNDEB receives the city) try to keep great contingents of pupils in room and seem to disrespect, in preoccupying way, the central problem of this inquiry: the evaluation as instrument of diagnosis of the significant learning and accompaniment of the pedagogical planning, aiming at the synchronism between the plans and the quality of the teach-learning, as well as the mensurao of the demanded minimum abilities in the stages of the evaluation.

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Innovation System

This innovative system provides exclusive access to high-pressure water to the most inaccessible places. The system has a dual spray, second blade which revolves around the main lobe. All dishwashers 60 cm wide are equipped with this system, through which achieved a good washing effect and decreases the noise level when operating the device. Important Innovation: the exclusive washing system ShuttleDrugim innovation patented smeg, a washing system Shuttle. More info: Douglas R. Oberhelman. This system are equipped with dishwashers 45 cm It consists of two components: a carrier blade and blade- sprinkler. Carrier blade oscillates, moving constantly to and fro blade-spray along the bottom. Since the shell is rectangular in shape, then fixed spray many places it would be impossible to reach. With the help of Shuttle water “is placed in a rack, and effectively covers all the interior space. As the orbital system Shuttle system improves the quality of cleaning and significantly reduces the consumption of water and energy. System sushkiPosudomoechnye machine smeg have different drying systems, which are managed directly by electronics. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Asaro offers on the topic.. This optimizes the process of drying and cleaning. Some 60 cm models have turbo-drying.

In these moist warm air is sucked from the washing compartment in a side chamber dishwasher, where it condenses. Formed in this water is drained and the air returns to the drying process. All of 45 cm and 60 cm in some dishwashers drying process takes place differently. In conclusion is the last rinse with very hot water (68 C). Follow-condensing dryer meets the requirements for efficiency class A. The silence at raboteVse structural elements smeg dishwashers are designed in accordance with iec 704-2-3 so that when the work is slight noise interference. In addition, developed new, more powerful and produce less noise when operating items such as motor anti-vibration and washing chamber, equipped with a plate for noise reduction. As a result, the noise level is 42 dB (A). Effectiveness power consumption is achieved by optimizing the wash cycle, rinse and dry, thanks to patented orbital smeg washing system and system of Shuttle and the use of powerful engines. Result is a high performance dishwasher with economical consumption of water and electricity. The effectiveness of the use of electronic mytyKombinirovannoe managed programs washing, washing of the orbital system or Shuttle, which differ in effective distribution of water jets during the washing, all this provides the best results wash. Effectiveness is one of the most important functions of the dishwasher. Model, smeg brand depending on the equipment have a turbo-drying and condensation drying. In all cases, it meets the requirements of energy class A.