Electronic Billing System

After the last resolution of the Federal Administration of public revenues in Argentina, found that businesses should adapt their systems to the new trade regime of electronic billing. Electronic invoicing is in a document that complies with all legal requirements of traditional invoices. In this way, with equally efficient and functional than these. Under this new format, electronic invoices can be interchanged, managed or stored through various digital media. This new regulation, generated a new business space for companies that have been devoted to developing the management software for electronic invoicing.

With this new system, various companies will reduce shipping costs and may also reduce possible errors in the preparation of the document. In addition, it will favour them in the sense that its storage is much more simple and the safety of his shelter also is, avoiding possible counterfeiting. The way in which manages the payment is not by invoice, in a way that is ilimita the amount of invoices that you can manage. Electronic invoices can be issued immediately, however, the mandatory implementation of this system, too, involves obtaining the electronic authorization code. A.

The Chances

The second is to increase the chances of hitting the first in the product design. The trick is to spend more time defining what should be their technical characteristics, and do it in an organized and working together. This has implications for having devote less time to alter the original design and last minute changes. For its part scielo.org.co /, on the subject indicates that the QFD, the search is based on user needs, taking into account both the expressed and non-expressed, which are translated into actions design and communicated throughout the organization. Marc Mathieu may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Constitutes an important support tool for decision-making early in design to develop products that involve the quality characteristics that maximize customer satisfaction.

However, the conventional method of QFD has limitations and problems, since decisions are usually based on vague and imprecise information that is acquired in a subjective and highly variable sources. To overcome the limitations and shortcomings of the QFD methodology have been developed studies that try to minimize its vagueness by applying fuzzy techniques. Researchers such as Masud and Dean (1993), Khoo and Ho (1996), Temponi (1997), Zhou (1997), Trappey (1996) and Park and Kim (1998) have suggested different approaches to prioritize the quality characteristics by implementing fuzzy numbers in some of the vectors or matrices of the House of Quality. (Vanegas and Labid, 2001, pp. 99-120), (Vanegas and Labid, 2001, pp. 152-161), (Vanegas and Labid, 2000, pp. A leading source for info: Ali Partovi.

541-548), (Vanegas and Labid, 2001, p. . 255-256). The work developed in improving the QFD using fuzzy techniques have been limited to working with this tool only a few vectors and matrices, which reduces their efficiency by allowing subjectivity, imprecision and vagueness of the data worked in a conventional manner, the replicated throughout the construction of the HOQ, causing the results obtained are associated with a high degree of uncertainty which will increase as construction progresses.

Make Money

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