The Cultures

Art.6- for the fulfilment of the established one in this decree, will have to be servant, kept and implanted, without damages of others action, integrated programs of ambient education: I it all the levels education modalities. We see as the government comes if worrying legislatively about the ambient education but this it does not come being enough the examples of the inefficacy are innumerable. Oak (2008) in them leases in its book ambient education and the formation of the ecological citizen the principles of the education for the sustainable societies and global responsibility. They are these: 1-A education and a right of all, we are all apprenticees and educators. 2-A ambient education must have as base the thought I criticize and innovator, in any time or place, its ways formal, not formal, and informal, promoting the transformation and the construction of the society. 3-A ambient and individual and collective education, has the intention to form citizens with planetary conscience local and, who respect the self-determination of the peoples and the sovereignty of the nations. 4-A ambient not and neutral, but ideological education. an act politician, based on values for the social transformation.

5-A ambient education must stimulate solidarity, the equality and the respect to the human rights, being valid? if of democratic strategies and interaction between the cultures. 6 – The ambient education must facilitate the cooperation lends and equitable in the decision processes, in all the levels and modalities. 7-A ambient education must recoup, recognize, respect, reflect and use aboriginal history and local cultures, as well as promoting cultural, linguistic and ecological the diversity. this implies a revision of the history of the native peoples, to modify the etnocntricos approaches, beyond stimulating the bilingual education. 8-A ambient education must be planned to enable the people it will work way conflicts joust and human being. 9 – The ambient education must integrate knowledge, aptitudes, values, attitudes and action.

Painting Galvanized Steel

Galvanized sheet metal – one of the most reliable and common materials used in modern construction. Durability and weather resistance, comfort and ease of use – these and many other positive qualities that ensured the popularity of this material to use, both in civil and private construction. Galvanizing is widely used in roofing industry, factory, office buildings, construction of hangars, industrial refrigerators, garages, warehouses, etc. Galvanized metal presence of a thin layer of zinc deposited on the surface of steel sheet, steel to prevent corrosion by moisture and oxygen, significantly extending the life of the roof and other items made from this material. But he and zinc, although to a lesser extent than the steel susceptible to corrosion as a result of which is formed powdery substance, known as 'white rust'. For this reason, the roof of galvanized steel in need of paint, which provides reliable protection against aggressive environmental influences.

Why paint galvanized? The roof of galvanized steel, metal and metal products made of galvanized steel in need of painting for two reasons. First, the clear paint a thin layer of zinc as a result of aggressive environmental influences (rain, salt, exhaust fumes, etc.) begins to rust. Second, painted galvanized metal has a decorative look and looks much nicer than unpainted. Working with zinc steel sheet, you should not forget the important point. It happens that as a result of improper storage or transport on a new galvanized surface accumulates and evaporates water.

As a result, the surface may cause a white powdery substance (so-called "white rust"). For the protection of galvanized steel, some manufacturers use a white rust inhibitors, which are unsuitable as a basis for color and must be removed. The very same white rust is removed from the surface of sheets of light sanding, but it may damage the thin layer of zinc. After years of testing paint manufacturers came to the conclusion that the best option is a one-year prior to painting aging galvanized sheet. What happens during this time? During this period, the effect itself part of the atmosphere to prepare the surface to be painted (by removing white rust and roughened for better adhesion). Galvanized surfaces must be properly prepared: carefully wash away the dirt, grease, cleaned of debris. To wash salt, dirt and grease using alkaline solutions (Eg washing powder). Remains of the detergent wash thoroughly with clean water, preferably under pressure and dried well. After careful preparation of the soil surface, using primer EP-0156, or immediately applied to the cover enamel (enamel for ferrous metals). Paint for galvanized metal – a matte acrylic paint containing active anti-additives, organic solvents. The paint is designed to galvanizing paint, for exterior painting of steel, aluminum and galvanized surfaces. The paint used to protect any metal roof, corrugated iron, gutters, protective sheets, drainpipes, gutters and other structures made of galvanized metal. Galvanizing paint has high hiding power and light resistance, has excellent characteristics for water resistance and weather resistance. Galvanizing paint is easy to operate and has excellent adhesion to the painted surface. Tsikrol – the best option repair painting galvanized surfaces. A significant advantage of paint is that it does not require priming surface and put in one layer.