Best Films of 2007

“SuperPertsy.” Since September 20 “SuperPertsy” – a film situation, which comes, apparently, every average American teenager static, which wants a lot to drink and copulate with a beautiful girl. Despite the hackneyed plot this is the best film in the genre of teen comedy. American Pie even close to it is not necessary. Superpertsy this rare case, when vulgar humor is not nothing but laughter. “Film 12”. From 20 September 12 – a remake of the famous American film Sidney Lumet, “12 Angry Men.” The play, which served as the basis of the picture, was the first student theater production at the Shchukin School – Nikita Mikhalkov. Perhaps this is largely influenced the decision to remove a consequence Mikhalkov film. According to the director, after working on the script got a completely new and original work, the actual audience for the early 21st century, “Death at a Funeral.” On October 11 If you love British humor, with characteristic his farce and stiffness, the best comedy you will not find.

Took a picture of Frank Oz, the famous Russian audiences for such a great comedies like “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” “What About Bob?”, “Boufinger.” “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.” C15 November Elizabeth: The Golden Age is a gift for all lovers of historical paintings. The film is a sequel to the 1998 film “Elizabeth” (one of the best films of the year). The good news is that the backbone of the creative staff has remained unchanged: Director – Shekhar Kapur, Elizabeth – Cate Blanchett, the operator – Remi Adefarasin. “Beowulf”. From November 22 Beowulf is a cartoon film based on technology that was used in “The Polar Express.” But this cartoon for more adults than for children. The film is based on an old Anglo-Saxon epic poem. The main character – a warrior Beowulf, who came to Denmark combat monster with a terrible Handel, who catches up with fear in a Danish town. The photograph shows an episode of this cartoon. Forecasts for the movie

Editor’s Choice

The essence of the matter, a novice coder or programmer, sooner or later wondering how to speed up the process work. Not a small role played by the development environment, that is, the code editor. Of course to write the code can be use and notepad, but it's not the best solution, since it has the following disadvantages: * No * No backlight code autocompletion * No possibility to edit files remotely * Lack of visual Editor * Lack of support for the encoding is different from cp-1251 (in the case of notebook windows) So, we found that the notebook is not for us the best solution. Let's look at what we offer developers of software. Adobe Dreamweaver Dreamweaver cs3 of paid editors a clear leader is Adobe Dreamweaver. Editor of the rich variety of functions, has a wysiwyg editor that knows how to use autocompletion, knows all the tags attributes and css-property, as has technology ajax. He very useful for beginners dtp, because it has great job opportunities in the visual editor, that is, allows the user to not really delve into the markup language and does not require knowledge of css-properties of the heart.

Likewise he has the opportunity to share projects, which is very convenient if you work on several sites. He knows how to connect to the ftp synchronize files and folders on your computer to a remote server. Likewise there is a lot of useful additions to layout, for example Html-validator, error checking and more. Adobe dreamweaver with photoshop and flash, and many other software products include a large package adobe creative suite. Current version at the time writing: cs3 product page: Price: $ 399 Platform: win, mac, dreamweaver 8 works in linux under wine'om. scite scite Scite – a free, easy to use editor with open source.

There are a large number highlights, features autocompletion. all fonts and colors of the elements can be specified separately. Very well suited for quick editing of scripts, that is when it makes no sense to include heavy and bulky editor. Site ruskoyazychnogo Community: Platform: win, mac, unix Komodo edit komodo edit for me is the most convenient editor of all that I have met. It has everything that you need a web programmer. Plenty of options highlights syntax, language, custom coding, the possibility Remote editing of files, the ability of project management and more. In addition, he is absolutely free and regularly updated. It is certainly more suitable experienced webmasters than novices, because it has no visual editor. Web Developer: Platform: win, mac, unix Summary For beginners I would recommend dreamweaver, but for the more experienced – Komodo edit. Scite advise and put them both because it is compact and convenient.

Original Questions

This is a test to evaluate its wrath. This not only has the function to make a self-evaluation on its wrath, but also that shows a way to him to leave her. When it places the force of his wrath in a qualification scale, it will know how to undo of her. He is very recommendable to realise this test of the handling of the wrath, if he is even sure that it does not need it. It tmese minutes, and only it responds with total honesty these simple questions: – Often, I feel irritable and of the bad humor? – It frightens to me and it invaded the rage to me for simple reasons? – I often discuss with other people? – I believe that the others do not deal to me with justice? – I feel furious when they criticize to me? – The revenge feeling persecutes to me frequently? If the answers to at least three of these questions are affirmative, then certainly it will need one more a stricter test on the handling of the wrath.

Especially the small children, who are incapable to control their wrath, need a good alternative stops to redirigir its impulses and to remove them from its wrath. For these children, the test of handling of the wrath, will be an pleasant thing that it liked to carry out. It is very common that this test is taken at the end of the classes of wrath handling, to reduce the wrath to the anything. It is probable that it must give to his answer in a scale of five points or scale of seven. Nicolas Keller understands that this is vital information. Some test is also of the type yes or not. At the end of responding all the questions, it will have to work with the marks that I place.

Each answer has a different value and must add all the values that it has obtained. Soon the result based on the total value will occur him. This result will be like a mirror that reflects its attitudes and feelings. This also acts as as of guide to know how how to come in future. It is for that reason that the test handling of the wrath, is a great tool for which they behave of unique way when they are angry. This evaluation is also is used by the professional advisors, they can know thus, its nature without needing establishing a too deep relation with the interviewed person. They use this test of wrath handling, like a tool to evaluate its behavior. The majority of the times, this test of wrath handling, serves as tool to see what feels with respect to the rage and aid to analyze its own behavior, so that it could get rid of the wrath, without damaging to others. The questions of the test of wrath handling are very useful for the self-realization, thus will be able to put aim their problems related to the wrath.

Agency Software

Applied security GmbH develops software solution for law firms and notary practices opens up a new software of the applied security GmbH (apsec) lawyers and notaries considerable savings potential. This award-winning program fideAS law by the Initiative Mittelstand, switching from the conventional to the secure electronic correspondence allows the firms. This not only saves time. Also the paper and postage costs. Stockstadt, July 25, 2012 – the Office software accelerates the creation and sending of documents. On the user interface, which represents a virtual desk, all documents available at any time in their current status. No prints are therefore required for coordination and approval processes between decision makers and reviewers.

The high transparency of the system, which is exactly aligned to the practical needs of the daily operations of the firm, will ensure that only technically shared documents can also be sent. Central thickness of fideAS law is that Function for legally compliant electronic document delivery. Legal documents come so easy and securely encrypted email with the client. It is fast and saves postage. To open the file, the receiver needs only a password, that shares the Office with him.

The content of a confidential document is protected from access by unauthorized persons. FideAS law allowing a fast and secure client service. This is entirely in keeping with the electronic transactions. On the user friendly and intuitive user interface, all functions are clearly arranged and easy to recognize. FideAS law allowing a rapid overview of the current status of documents. It also logs history of work processes and makes comprehensible so made changes. With fideAS law can be modernized work processes and the Office Organization and efficient”, explains apsec product manager Dirk Lather the benefits of the software. It allows dramatic savings by “Paper, toner, envelopes, and postage and offers a competent, user-friendly client support that much faster can be done fideAS law, as on the postal service.” Reason enough for the Initiative Mittelstand, fideAS law with the title BEST OF 2012 “in the category of Office management to draw out. Thus, the program is one of leading the over 2,500 submissions, who have applied for the Innovationspreis IT in 2012. With the price, the initiative recognizes innovative solutions with a high commercial value for the mid-market. More information: press contact: Dirk Rusing / Tobias Low main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Kathrin Sajid applied security GmbH Industriestrasse 16 63811 Stockstadt phone: 0 60 27 / 40 67 0 apsec knowledge protects. Knowledge is the decisive success factor of an enterprise. We develop solutions that make your IT world safe for you. APSEC offers knowledge. Their requirements to the encryption, data loss prevention or the application of digital signatures are our experienced specialists in good hands. APSEC works for you. We offer a complete package from the software development process consulting to support with a single purpose of your satisfaction.


The learning curve in the different fields that we develop, we must take note, not only of academic theories that we imposed our teachers and the same competence, but of what our readers, customers and subscribers demand. This last, will mark the difference between give what you want to give or give what you ask us. It is essential to know the degree of satisfaction of our readers, prospects or customers, both on what to information material and teaching concerns, as related promotional material. This will only be achieved taking an approach with our subscribers, customers, students and readers in general; something that many entrepreneurs in internet obviate, isolating from mere mortals and relegating them to the attention of its employees, the auto responders, scheduled emails, letters of sale made with predefined formats and software. When satisfy it, it is more important to give what you ask us, that what we want to give.

Our tastes are not always tastes of our Subscribers. This is due to many factors, among which is the culture in a relevant way. The culture of people is different from country to country, community to community and from person to person. Not they differ the tastes of the members of a family perhaps? They studied everyone in a family the same careers? Do work all members of a family in the same type of work? Read all members of a family the same kind of books? Draws attention, when an entrepreneur starts a new project, either in the MLM, affiliate or any other field of business on the internet and intended to all go into the same type of business, that all offer the same products that he or she are promoting to our lists. But it is not. Many times I said to some of my colleagues, I wish you good luck, but I will work on that program in which you are not.