TouchDown GmbH Opts

Rescue system DOC by SafeTIC convinced Cologne-based consulting company in Mannheim/Cologne, March 2012. Again, an innovative service company opts for system DOC. The Cologne-based consulting firm TouchDown GmbH relies on the SafeTIC-defibrillator for a few weeks and is convinced above all by its ease of use. Further details can be found at Robotics, an internet resource. Managing Director Torsten Clausen praises DOC as a viable solution to provide life-saving emergency assistance in the event of an emergency. Companies in almost every industry now rely on the combined rescue system DOC by SafeTIC.

Since a few weeks familiar Cologne consulting and market research firm TouchDown GmbH on the modern defibrillator, which unites several key features to the saving of lives in one unit. Managing Director Torsten Clausen on the occasion of the installation of the DOC explained, TouchDown sees itself as a service provider, which assures its customers of high quality and service standards and put this claim to be a model company TouchDown to himself. That’s why the decision for the defibrillator DOC of SafeTIC had fallen, summarizes Clausen. Clausen shows excited mainly by the ease of use of the DOC. A defibrillator, which can be as easy to use as a fire extinguisher, should not be missing in companies as well as in the public sector”, is the assessment of the TouchDown Manager. Deliberately SafeTIC developed the product DOC with particular reference to the ease of use factor because a defibrillator must work not only efficient and reliable, but in an emergency can be used even by untrained personnel.

This requirement met DOC in particular by the automatic production of a speech connection to the PSAP that explained exactly every step of resuscitation the helper on the spot. These arguments convinced obviously also TouchDown. Opinion by Clausen has SafeTIC with the system DOC developed a solution that fully complies with all legal requirements for operational rescue systems and as a effective agent in the first aid will be: BG rules oblige to provide fire-fighting equipment of the type and size of the operation and to get ready to use. Each year, 360 people perish by fires nationwide. “According to Maltese assistance calls for heart failure in this country about 130,000 lives each year the numbers speak for themselves.” At home and abroad several lives were rescued thanks to the timely efforts of DOC already. Only a few weeks ago succeeded in using the DOC after a sudden cardiac arrest successfully resuscitate a young amateur athletes near Paris. Current experience and success stories to the SafeTIC-defibrillator DOC, see. About SafeTIC AG as the only European company SafeTIC AG fingerprint and finger morphology detection systems specializes in. SafeTIC is the European No 1 in the area of enterprise security as a manufacturer of biometric readers and providers of Europe most installed biometric access controls. Also, SafeTIC is the market leader in biometrics and Visio mobility. The SafeTIC AG is represented in the entire value chain of security systems.

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