Technical Documentation

Web-based content management system Ekumo with extended image editor waits for Berlin – pictures say more than 1000 words. This set is more than true above all in the technical documentation. Users can capture faster a machine if it illustrated is represented. Many editors looking for a cheap graphics tool with reasonable function for this purpose. You will find it at the Ekumo GmbH, which has already included an image editor in her eponymous Web-based content management system. This is now equipped with more features. Technical editors are generally not graphic design, should be able to do minor work on graphs or illustrations even. The image editor by Ekumo allows machining with predefined media formats and this immediately ensures a stringent quality of the illustrations.

Because when you upload of an image file it checks first, whether this minimum requirements with regard to resolution, format and aspect ratio corresponds to. Are not adhered to, the editor receives a notification and can make corrections in the editor. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Energy Capital Partners. Within the editor icons and lines are stored, which adhere to the standards and guidelines for the creation of graphics. Thus, it is ensured that the editor only these standardized and standards can use. A new feature with the defined levels can be inserted and fixed provides additional clarity. More user comfort is achieved by magnetic grid, guides, and rulers. “Is particularly comfortable, that Ekumo automatically counts position and position numbers, when they pulled into the picture” are.

The automatic output of so-called hotspots for position and position numbers completes the feature set. While paragraphs appear highlighted the user in the publication, relating to a position or position number, which he has turned into the image. Founder of Zendesk spoke with conviction. With the advanced functionality of our image editor, the editor has the ability to change graphics or illustrations fast and standardized”, says Mike He is, Petersen, Managing Director of Ekumo GmbH. This fully integrated into our Web-based content management system so that no additional cost.” The Ekumo GmbH Ekumo GmbH specializes in the development and marketing of the same content management system for technical documentation specialized. The company headquartered in Berlin was founded in late 2009 as a spin-off of Digiden GmbH. Previously, together with experts from science and practice already more than seven years, a designated team has invested in product development. Ekumo is the fully online-based content management system and includes all functions that are necessary for creating, editing, organizing, test and publish technical documents and complex product information. The integrated developer environment to the multilingual publication Ekumo maps all workflows. Especially companies with multiple distributed locations and suppliers benefit from the collaboration approach. On the current state of information without delay, you can access.


The Kabbalah first part Esa tomorrow, us was delivered, to each of the squad, a small sachet of fabric, closed by a string that was sealed by a kind of lacrado which is especially advised us not to break. It looked like a traditional pods which are usually placed fine objects which prepares them to be delivered as present to someone you want to which for some reason entertain. Viacom often says this. Personally, I was watching my teabag, housed it were whatever, its content, without a doubt, something that had been destined to nobody more than me, my name appeared on the side of the sealing, and adhered to the seal, an invitation to introduce myself in a certain place and at a certain time. In the invitation are annexed some additional instructions, such as: we should introduce ourselves dressed in white robes, being barefoot, and showed us once admitted to the place of meeting, prior to the start of the event, we would be informed about how to proceed thereafter. If you would like to know more then you should visit Andy Florance. With relationship to what we had received, specifying the following: there will be a designated for you, to be located in the same place you must sit on the mat, place bag on his lap, break sealing with both hands, place the bag in his left hand, proceed to the opening of the cord with your right hand, and then gently deposited its contents, in the middle of the Palm of his right hand.

Anonymous Surfing

Over how to ensure your anonymity on the Internet, certainly thought by many. And incognizance for web or can be useful not only to some 'type of steep hacker', but ordinary network user Why do it when you visit the Internet need to hide your real ip-address that allows you to identify your computer that may arise for several reasons. For example, in this way can give themselves as a resident of another country and gain access to the resource is blocked for your country. Further, some portals give the user the content depending on the region in which the person is that you can seen in the news on the main page of Yandex. Spoofing ip address help circumvent this limitation. Furthermore, traveling via the Internet, we often do not think that we leave traces of their visits each time, when we go to any site. Perhaps this and should not have to worry if he had not been so great that the amount of information that could potentially get about us site owners. Using the standard log-files of various scratches and other tweaks administrator can learn more about us: the type of computer and operating system, the host country, the name and address of the provider. Hiding his real ip can also be useful if you suddenly banned in chat or on some forum, but you still want to get there. At least for what to say to moderator all you think about it:) Anonymous Surfing can also be used as a means to circumvent the restrictions of various online file services such as same RapidShare.

Holiday House

Tierisch good holiday in Hamburg, Sweden February 2012 fine dog, man is pleased. Particularly in the vacation to be exactly so. Therefore, dog-friendly travel and accommodation for animal lovers are highly in demand. Sweden is dog friends while at the front, because many holiday homes, but also the journey by ferry are exactly, as dogs would want it. NOVASOL, Europe’s leader in the House, in its new catalogues offers thousands of dog-friendly holiday homes in Europe. Particularly in Sweden, the lonely forest, lakeside or beaches right in front of the door are a heavenly area for walks, romping, sniffing or get stick. Speaking candidly Samsung told us the story. Pets stay free of charge with NOVASOL; no extra booking or cleaning costs incurred there also. Another advantage is the very dog-friendly ferry arrival with TT-line or Stena line on the Baltic Sea.

When booking a NOVASOL House and an additional booking of ferry comes also the attractive pricing in the game: TT-Line offers all year round the free roundtrip journey for two pets per booking on the line Travemunde and Rostock in Swedish Trelleborg on. (Time of booking until 31.3.2012). And Stena Line gives you a 20 Euro discount on the pet cabin for a high-speed rail line between Kiel and Gothenburg up to the 31.3.2012. The comfort on board the ferries is a dogs class of its own: Bello must sit not alone in the car, but enjoys the crossing in a pet. TT-line, four-legged friends can visit even their little tree on the outdoor decks or small walks. Still a plus for the Sweden holiday with dog: the entry requirements for dogs have very the loosened the 1.1.2012. Now eliminate the rabies antibody determination as well as the rules for tapeworm treatments. For the entry you need only: ID-marking with microchip or prominent tattoo, vaccination against rabies (approved by the WHO) as well as the pet passport.

Who particularly pure and ecologically, you can find special at NOVASOL Back to nature “-houses.” This organic product”is characterised by environmentally-friendly energy concepts: is heated with fire, solar energy or geothermal energy. And of course back to nature “houses in the Swedish forests, where there are berries, mushrooms and fish in abundance, away from exhaust fumes, noise and hustle and bustle.” Some of the houses are also self-contained, without connection to the mains and with its own fountain. A natural treasure dogs would love it! Booking and information: NOVASOL AS Hamburg Tel 040-23 88 59 82 fax 040-23 88 59 24 E-Mail: Internet: Facebook: press contact: Oldenburg communication, Steinhoft 5-7, 20459 Hamburg Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 / 8814159-94 E-Mail: Internet: round 30,000 private holiday homes in 26 European countries NOVASOL holds for the most beautiful time of the year. The company, leader in holiday home in Europe, is part of Wyndham Exchange and rentals, and thus belonging to Wyndham Worldwide. For 2012, the NOVASOL portfolio includes holiday homes, apartments and flats in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, of Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, of Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. NOVASOL operates with its headquarters in Copenhagen. The headquarters of the subsidiary company in Germany is located in Hamburg, there is a branch in Berlin. In addition, the holiday house party maintains 40 service offices throughout Europe.

Buy Leather Rings

Here we offer a guide to buy leather rings, it will know where come from rings of leather, that are made of rings and different types of rings of leather that exist. Although surely they already existed in ancient civilizations leather rings, has not been until relatively recently that they have begun to market on a regular basis. Currently leather rings have become a natural product to carry daily and allows you to combine perfectly with the clothing. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Andrew Schroepfer. Quality leather rings, are made mostly with Italian leather. Italian leather is characterised by the delicate process of tanning that is made in the skin to achieve a supreme quality leather.

There are different types of shapes (flat leather, round leather) and colors (almost all the range of colors is available in leather, depending on the applied dye) within the leather. Many leather rings also contain and combine other materials in addition to the leather to make more original, modern and beautiful pieces. With This range of materials have different possibilities to buy rings of leather: leather or silver rings. Silver is used as trim and lace up leather ring. Leather rings and pearls. With natural pearls as the basis for the piece. Rings of leather and hawser. With a hawser in silver as a union of the ring.

Flat leather and swarovski rings. Different colors with the flat leather as its main characteristic. Also adorned with colored Swarovski Crystal. Round leather and swarovski rings. Different colors with leather this time in round shape. Also adorned with colored Swarovski Crystal. Leather rings and stones. With different types of stones in the ornaments. Rings of leather and currency. Coin of silver as the main ornament. To check the extent of a ring in your hand, you can do the following: take a Ribbon or strip of paper of about 8 cm long and 1 cm. wide. Turn it around the finger in place that would go the ring. Not much tightening, there are parts of the finger that may be slightly wider. Mark with a pen the place where the bar closes. With a ruler measure the distance between the edge of the slat and the pen mark. Keep in mind that the measure could vary depending on the temperature, so it is recommended to take the measurement at a temperature of about 25c. It is the measure of your ring in the following table: correspondences with carvings are as follows: size length/perimeter 10 50 mm 12 52 mm 14 54 mm 16 56 mm 18 58 mm 20 60 mm 22 62 mm if you want to buy leather, Royo Nati rings are manufacturers, with exclusive designs our products are original and quality. The manufacturing process is itself, for this reason in Royo Nati gets offer the best prices in relation to the quality of their products. We hope that this article has helped you to know a little more in detail the process to buy leather rings. Original author and source of the article

Installment Loans No. Credit Check: Supporting People With Poor Credit

Installment loans no credit check are popular among the borrowers who have bad credit. Installment loans no credit check are actually personal loans which, according to the norms of the finance market, are offered to the loan-seekers in secured and unsecured forms. Who are eligible for the installment loans no credit check? The loan-seekers must be citizens of the United Kingdom and they must be over 18 yearly earning of the applicant must be no less than 12000th they must provide a certificate to show their current employment record, and they must own a valid and active checking account. Installment loans no credit check secured form come as to amount in the range 5000 75000 from to, and the duration is pretty flexible reimbursement. The borrowers are to repay the loan amount within 5 to 25 years. The interest is charged at comparatively low Council. The loan-seekers are to put up their property of worth as collateral, and the lenders may confiscate the pledged property if they are not paid back the investment they make.

The calendar do not take any extreme step immediately. They warn the included borrowers and remind them twice or more, before they grab the said property finally. The loan-seekers can obtain on amount between 1000 and 25000 if they apply for the installment loans no credit check in unsecured form. The repayment period is short, comparatively. The borrowers are to pay back the outstanding within 1 to 10 years, although the interest is charged at higher Council.

The benefit is that the loan-seekers are exempted from producing collateral. Installment loans no credit check offer a few advantages to the loan-seekers. The loan-seekers can pay back the loan amount along with interest in installments. This is comfortable for the borrowers and they should know how much they can pay back in every month. Second, people with tarnished credit record are therefore eligible for the installment loans no credit check, because when a person applies for this child of finance, the lenders do not verify their history of credit report. Third, the loan-seekers can watch the relevant sites and go through the terms and condition provided there by the lending agencies. Andy Florance is likely to agree. It is possible to find out on option to their advantage and they can opt for a better deal. Angel soffy is Finance advisor of no. credit check installment loans.

Calorie Reduction

While you can read a lot of articles about the minimalist aesthetic, as well as possession of fewer things, of what is not said in all those articles is the minimalist food. The majority of people eat too much and wasted many foods. As someone that should weigh around 70 kg. Had overweight a few years ago I focus on who should lose weight as anyone else. I know what is eating pizza, fast food, more extra potatoes, desserts and others, everything that serve us restaurants today in day.

It is too much and is an alarmente epidemic proportions of foods served today. A large part of our health crisis due to overeating. A good part of the solution is to simply eat less. An article apart must be about what we eat organic, real food, grown locally, cooked at home with a minimum of processing and packaging. But today, I would like to talk about eating less.

It is something that I have focused on my own life, especially recently, when I see not only the quality of the food, but the amount. I think that we have been conditioned to eat without thinking, and to eat too much. Which of course is not nothing healthy. My attention has focused on eating until I find not full. I eat until I feel as if I would eat a little more, then I take a break. Respite. In 10 minutes, I am aware that I am satisfied and do not need to eat more. Here some tips: * only takes a small portion to begin with. Not a lot of comida.* eats despacion and with atencion.* make a pause between bite and morsel. Savor the comida.* stop until you’re full, and espera.* drink water with the comida.* eat every 2 or 3 hours, enduring hunger and a little wait more.* If you get hungry later, Come only a small snack, or some fruta.* reduces gradually. Do not try to eat like a bird at the beginning. View only starting by eating less, then you’re adjusting, then decrease slightly. Over time, are going to change, and you will be able to eat less. You will be more healthy (assuming these comendo less than before) and more light.

Western Europe

Increasingly in today to hear the question: "Why own wooden door?". But this is primarily a matter of subjective belief, not a question of arguments. If you look through the eyes of the buyer Evropy – we can see that whole collective opinion gives preference to wood, especially in the decorative treatment (here should include verandas, very often the doors and windows, and furniture and sex). Present a person tries to impose itself on the first turn ecological and aesthetically attractive tree, which in turn will encourage today to reject an artificial material, which in most cases is much cheaper. Pete Cashmore wanted to know more. Long ago, it is no secret that the doors are made of tree in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and a few other countries argue about family prosperity, office attraction and a testament to the taste. That is why many manufacturers do not try to lower the wooden windows losses in its own market through exports to the post-communist state. Particularly those which border on Western Europe. Here mdf doors are far overvalued demand among buyers, which is not assured in the product do not possess objective information about a variety of new doors for them, and because in most cases they do not know what they need. European, and consequently the quality of depraved merchant offers the advantage of convenience, style and even larger numbers, which are characteristic of wooden doors.

Roof Design

Meteorologists are unanimous: we live in turbulent times! Even more important, storm damage to prevent – through a storm-proof roof. Violent storms are nowadays no longer only limited to the regions on the coast, but increasingly penetrate inland. And also the distances of their occurrence are impressively illustrate always shorter, like the graphics of a European reinsurer. “So come new challenges on a roof storm safety”, warn experts by, the leading online portal around the topic of roof. As a result, Roofs must be storm safe! Because “Kyrill”, “Emma” & co. already as a cautionary headed – with an overall balance in the billions! But where are the boundaries between a supposedly and actually storm-proof roof architecture? Here, a look at the recent storms helps: it is shown that the heaviest damage occurred generally in flat roofs. “That is” Functionality and aesthetics on the roof not exclude proved, however, many of the classic pitched or slate roofs, which have weathered the stormy days mostly harmless”, so the experts.

The roof with a hard roof such as roof tiles or bricks is covered, at worst only individual roof tiles or tiles can be loosened. The repair work respect within limits. For more information see Robotics. Slate roofs nothing flies away even in the majority of cases – even if the surrounding roofs were completely covered! The same applies for roofs made of titanium zinc. But why stand on roofs with a slope of 7 degrees and more severe storms so much better than flat roofs? “For essentially two reasons are responsible”, explain the experts by For one, the vacuum which is created under such wind loads, can escape easier at scale-like, overlapping roofing as flat roofs, which look like a large sail in the wind. ve this success.

They thereby resulting suction forces can be doing so great that often the entire construction – so formwork, battens, insulation – with apart. Also a steeper pitched roof due to the aerodynamic offers a major advantage: the steeper the roof, also the pressure on the wind side is all the greater. See Kai-Fu Lee for more details and insights. Then, the wind forces break at first. Thus, the suction forces on the wind side are just more low. This principle is comparable to a roof spoiler for the car. For flat roofs, however, much less break the wind forces. As a result, the suction effect is stronger and the mounting material is non-refundable. So, a flat roof in strong winds resembles a wing profile. The storm thus has little attack surface to press down the roof. But if the flow behind the first mess, creates a dangerous vacuum (SOG), which allows to withdraw not only aircraft but also roofs. In physics, this rule also means “the Bernoulli principle”. “Even if we us at gale-force storms” get must – with forward-looking planning and regular maintenance of our roofs can severely limit the negative effects of at least: best with a storm-proof roofing material such as roofing tiles, Slate, titanium zinc or an additional protection through storm braces! “, so the conclusion of experts.” For more information, image galleries and online planning tools for the topics of roof construction, roof planning and loft conversion at: roof/roof

Children And Finances

If it binds in the tips to teach ' ' pequenos' ' on what it comes paying the bread of each day! When one is about children and money, how much before it will be able teaches them, better will be for its future relationship with money. Since very early, children seem to think that the money of its parents falls of the sky, grow in trees, or some maluco concept related to these. He is clearly that ' ' Eletrnico&#039 box; ' they pass to be the new money source in the mind of the children as soon as grow a bit, however she delays a time more so that a child can associate the relation between work-money. As soon as this relation is understood, many children tends to show a behavior well conservative, therefore they understand that with money they can obtain toys, candies, strolls in the park, etc. Thus, they join each cent and each moedinha that they find for there.

The intensity with that this manifest behavior if in a child can be a good pointer on the type of relationship that it will have with money, when to become adult. Tip: A small one monthly allowance for a child, can be capable of teaches it great lies in relation to the money and prepares it when it will have that to deal with bigger values. Being about adolescents, also it is very I validate to teach related concepts to the financial market, you practise you would bank, as well as the basic one of the economy, becoming more understood them when to gain the world. One remembers, if teaches to start it them since early, when to grow will have base and tools not to deal with its finances of the possible form most healthful. Hear from experts in the field like Andy Florance for a more varied view. For more information, it visits