AGP Group European Association

A group of 30 French students of degree superior of aesthetic hairdressing salon and is realising his professional practices in other so many hairdressing salons of Bizkaia. This formative activity, that has given to beginning the 18 of January and it will extend until the 6 of February, has been able to carry out thanks to the collaboration agreement that the Association of Personal Image of Bizkaia has subscribed with AGP Group European Association, formed by consultants of different European countries. The signed agreement is a pioneering initiative in the Basque Country and has allowed to this association and the companies of aesthetic hairdressing salon and of Bizkaia, power to participate for the first time in an international project, coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of French Britain. The Gallic students who are realising their practices in Bilbao are in his fifth year of formation and count already on two years of experience in hairdressing salon companies. The group is formed by girls of two French training centers of the department of Finistre, in Britain, one located in the locality of Quimper and the other in the municipality of Brest. Leonardo l$da Vinci This project of professional practices is framed in the European program of professional mobility Leonardo l$da Vinci that is developed successfully for two years in other countries of Europe and whose results have been very positive for all the implied parts.

The objective of this formative stay is that the French students their knowledge can realise practices outside their country applying and knowing the form to work of the hairdressing salons of Bizkaia. One is a positive experience not only by the innovation that implies but also by the revitalising impulse that contributes to the activity of the company that welcomes in the student in practices. To foment the hairdressing salon The association of personal Image of Bizkaia is an enterprise organism of the sector of aesthetic hairdressing salon and, without profit intention, that has like main aims the representation, management, defense and promotion of the economic and professional interests of those who work in the sector of hairdressing salon in Bizkaia. The association collaborates actively with other organizations for the socioeconomic development in the scope of the use and the formation.