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Fortunately, the operation of this product is easier than the name it suggests. Under most conditions Michele Glaze would agree. The electronic number shell or even digital signage-pay tray by le clou is a mixture of classical number Shell to drop money or other small goods and a presentation screen for playback of advertising, information, remarks, actions, etc. directly at the point of sale/point of purchase close to the cash register. So don’t look at her passing and the observance by the customers is always certain. The metal casing can be manufactured in a desired color and thus optimally fits into the existing Interior. Furthermore, it houses a 10.2-inch LCD monitor in the 16:9 format and playback unit for playback of popular image and video formats. In the model Variant 2 new content can at defined points in time from a server even without foreign interference at the installation site of the shell of of number of automatically be downloaded and then played.

The number tray via the integrated timer to programmable times and switched off, causing the number of necessary handles most Installation can be reduced to zero. Learn more about the press release: corporate information / short profile: le clou GmbH from Hiddenhausen as Agency for communication solutions has inter alia on the areas of digital advertising and electronic media/in-store media (more precisely: in-store TV, corporate TV, digital signage or retail signage) specialized. You offers with the appropriate hardware and software, the rollout, as well as the content creation project planning. For this purpose, has le clou actually rather unusual for an agency now also own hardware solutions in its portfolio, caused by the cooperation and the needs of some customers and can draw on a wide range of hardware solutions for different needs and budgets.