When we decided to optimize my PC as we must consider maintain smooth operation avoiding computer viruses using a good antivirus. What is an antivirus? Let’s say that it is a program to prevent and protect against infection of computer viruses, also removes them and in most cases repair some of the damage caused. And what are computer viruses? They are programs created with the deliberate purpose of altering the normal operation of the computer, presenting the following characteristics: reproduce themselves. They are inserted or affect the executable programs. They are loaded to the memory of the computer and may reproduced and copied to diskettes or software installed on the hard disk (infection) can alter, destroy or delete the information contained on the computers. For example, if the case that our machine is infected by a virus that attack files in the boot sector of the computer, deleting them or corrupting them, this would prevent restart it because files vital were infected. Hence the need to protect our PCs as much as possible since even though a procedure does not exist one hundred percent safe, if possible put barriers to the virus to prevent its action and playback.

It is also possible once infected, proceed to its disinfection, although there may be cases in which the damage is irreparable and we should necessarily formatting the PC. How does a virus to PC? Our computer is not infected by magic, but that is usually due to our lack of knowledge and overconfidence that to us that never going to pass. Most infections come from the Internet due to join pages of dubious origin or due to click on places that we don’t realize the risk, or due to maybe not loans him due attention to the fact that requested us click on to access something that we want to get. Another form of infection can occur through e-mail with infected attachments, which we downloaded and opened out of curiosity causing the infection. How to protect the PC? First improving our knowledge of the virus issue, avoiding always open files of dubious origin but we get from a friend, we could ask that you confirm your shipment before opening it, also check with care if the email account where it comes from is known or not. The same meaning of messages received via messenger or other instant messaging systems.

And we must mainly protect the PC using a good antivirus which must of course be updated permanently. Is it advisable to have more than one antivirus installed? It is not suitable as two antivirus working simultaneously on the PC can cause severe conflicts of memory and incluisive permanent damage. Is an antivirus with a firewall? Yes, it is fully compatible and is highly recommended to also install a firewall on your PC. Is an antivirus with an anti-spyware? Yes, it is fully compatible and also very It is advisable to also install an anti-spyware to radically increase the security on your PC. What antivirus to use? There are market both antivirus how free payments. Among the payments is recognized as one of the best NOD32 for Kaspersky. Between the free are recognized as very good Avast and AVG. Ultimately between the necessary procedures if you want to know as optimize my computer I recommend you subscribe to the video course free where you will find an excellent tutorial video that explains how to download, install and exploit the AVG program.