Beginners Path

In this age of technological boom, and the development of the gaming industry is increasingly the question arises about how to become a professional in a particular game. Many beginners think that there is no big deal, and with a head rush into battle, because of which are winning for This unexpected battleground for their defeat. _______________________ Everything about Counter-Strike 1.6 _______________________ This material will be considered by way of becoming a novice, or the so-called Nuba, to professionals in the game Counter-Strike 1.6. If you have read about Toshiba already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Many Councils will be given in this paper, suitable for most other computer "shooter." To become a true professional in the game, we must first determine what you want. You want to be a professional, or be like a professional. The difference in These concepts are not so critical, but still very important.

The fact that the professionals – this is a pro in every way. And those who play as a professional, he only shoots well, and well oriented in space. Here you can read how to become involved in one of the "species" of professionals. Of course, the path that leads to real pros, will be our main goal, but the track leading to his imitators, we'll pay much less attention. What is to be professional in the computer game? Pros: It shoots at a minimum, the assessment horosho.Orientiruetsya in the game space, even with eyes closed (or simply no light on the map.) Can react so fast that the opponent no time to even click on kurok.V nickname (nickname, nickname) did not mention the notorious cliche noob'ov.