Celebratory Wedding Food

So many months preparing the wedding, and suddenly give account you that only you have left one week. More info: Code.org. The nerves arise, and if you are not able to control them they can jugarte very bad happened. Reljate and eats. We propose a diet to you antistress so that the day of your wedding you are calmer than the Buddhist monks Taking notices! To eat! Oats: He is indispensable in a relajante diet. Tmatelo in the form of muesli, cakes, milk or with grazes of soup. The day with energy begins! Lettuce: You knew that in the Average Age it was sold like medicine? Preprate a ensaladita and you will feel like new. Banana: It serves for everything. With one you only obtain 1/5 of the daily vitamin needs C, and has a great mineral reserve, in addition it protects the ulcers.

Tmatelo in the dessert or to average afternoon. For more information see this site: Viacom. Almonds: Small but effective, they improve the nervous system. . They are good for the heart and they have a regenerative effect. You already know, of 5 to 15 almendritas in appetizer with friendly. You happen: Recommended for the smokers by its high iron content. Brcoli and spinach: Ideals for a ligerita dinner.

They have many vitamins, reason why it is good that you do not cook brcoli more than ten minutes. Germ of wheat: It is a curative food of first category. You can dust it on yogurt, fruit or cereal or add it to any plate. Seeds of sunflower: You can find bare and ready, so if the hunger tightens, instead of to eat something fast, sltate the food sweepings and tomato pipes. Cooked fruits: The fruits to the furnace in the evening help to fight accumulated stress by the day. It is an infallible method for the people who suffer of insomnia. Hot milk with honey: There is no better formula to sleep, the calcium is good for the stomach and the hot drink relaxes to you. 3,2,1 You marry to you already! It smiles and it enjoys If you wish to know more advice for organization of weddings, tips of beauty for fianc2ees, tips of decoration of weddings, suppliers of weddings, list of weddings and more, visits our section Tips Wedding.