Cell Phone

I imagine that it has already heard of SpyBubble, an intelligent application that is becoming more and more popular every day.However, many people still wonder, a cell phone you can actually trace?The short answer is Yes you can. However, for those who still have not heard about this software or do not know exactly what they do, this article will help you to understand their characteristics and advantages. Let’s start with the way in which it can acquire, it can be purchased through our website and then install it on a Smartphone of its property.Then, create a user name and password you need to access the web page and view the phone activity.It is that simple.The Smartphone does not give no signal that the software has been installed, such as icons, logos, ringtones, messages, etc. Once installed, you can access all the functions of the application. Here is a breakdown of its features: Call tracking.Spybubble lets you trace the calls that are made or received by your Smartphone.With your user name and password, you can access a record showing the number or calls made or received, duration of calls, and most importantly, the numbers that have been called or has been called by smart phone.In addition, if a name has been assigned a number by the user in the phone’s memory, you will be able to see it, so it is much easier to identify the person who called. Access to text messages: Similarly, Spybubble will allow you to read any text message that is sent or received by your Smartphone.In addition to the content, you will also be able to see all relevant information in relation to the message, such as the time at which the message was sent or received, and the number that was sent or received.Just as with the calls, you can also see the name that has been assigned a number that sending or receiving a text message.There are some people who deleted your messages as soon as they read them or they are sent, but messages are recorded in the register as soon as they are created, you can read them, even if they are deleted.