Choosing Furniture

The choice of a steel door entrance – it is responsible, since it will depend on its safety and comfort of your home. Therefore, in choosing the doors to be very thoughtful. There are several key points to want to turn their attention to later do not have to regret a purchase. The first step is to determine the order, whether you acquire a steel door on foreign or domestic producers. The cost of a good front doors of foreign production begins at $ 1000, while domestic counterparts are estimated at about $ 300. Agree, this price looks a lot nicer. The question arises as to domestic steel entrance doors – does not say whether the low price that they lose much Western counterparts? Fortunately, the answer to this question – no.

Today, the Russian domestic market is companies that produce doors with modern equipment and latest technology. Accordingly, the doors of these manufacturers or slightly better than imported from abroad. For example, all the above in full refers to steel doors, "Outpost", meeting the highest standards of quality. A big plus domestic and doors that are easy to order and receive an individual performance – the right size and design. Domestic company usually performs such orders in the short term, while imported doors, performed on individual needs, you can wait for several months. When choosing a front door in the first turn, is to ask the door construction. Today is a good front metal door, usually made of a steel frame with internal reinforcing ribs are also made of steel.

With one or two sides are welded steel plates. Again from the steel must be carried out door-frame, which is placed in the opening the door itself. Outside the door can be arranged in practically any material that can afford let her boss – wood, leather, MDF, etc. In the interior of the front metal door placed materials that are responsible for its sound and thermal insulation characteristics. Close attention to when buying the front door, of course, should be paid to the choice of the castle. Today, experts advise to install the door on the two locks of different designs. For example, one of the most popular models – the so-called multi-locks, "Tongues"-which crossbars go in 2-4 directions on different sides of the door leaf. In addition to it in accordance with the Recommendations in the Interior Ministry can also set the lock lever. It is important to choose the locks approved manufacturer as well as from them depends largely on your level of security. In particular, you can suggest time-tested locks Master Lock. For example, it is usually completed their entrance steel doors "Outpost". Needless to forget about such "trifles" as hinges, peephole, trim – the quality of these components also plays a significant role and should be considered when selecting a door. For example, the eye can be installed not only on standard, but also "children" height so that your child can see who rings the doorbell. You can also recommend buying the door with concealed hinges – in cases of attacks, attackers have to invent other methods, since access to the loops they will not do. Well, if we talk about design, but now domestic input and metal doors are not inferior to Western counterparts. Domestic manufacturers are constantly pampered us new products that meet all the latest trends or can bring your vision of an ideal front door, and fabricated it to order. We wish you a successful purchase!