Classic Venetian

In as its basis used lime and finely crushed marble powder. Surviving fragments of frescoes can still be found in the ruins of Rome and Pompey. Classic Venetian plaster is known from the Renaissance – is a transparent plaster on the basis of many components, the main ones are lime and marble powder. We have the term "Venetian plaster" is most often understood form of decorative cover to simulate marble. Today's coverage of the "Venetian plaster" are created from natural materials (containing calcium) and a polymeric binder. These coatings – a unique combination of aesthetics and antiquities pragmatic features modern decor. This coating makes the interior is both grand and cozy.

Consisting of fine particles (powder) marble, limestone, gypsum and polymer binder in an aqueous basis, they are environmentally friendly. Odorless, durable, waterproof, easy to clean, fire safety, technological, fast drying. Typically, coverage sold in ready-to-use form, but some companies prefer to deliver basic material and dyes separately, according to the customer to expand the color gamut. Graphic images and photographs of Venetian plaster can not convey the fullness of hue and texture of living material, therefore, we recommend looking at our collection of dyeing shop, where you can get advice and answers to questions that will help you understand what Venetian plaster. STUCCO BRILLANTE – Venetian plaster acrylate-based to a very smooth finish with mirror polished marble effect.

Very fine decorative trim in the interior, has the effect of transparency, specular. Consists of special polymers dissolved in water emulsions, inorganic pigments and various additives. Designed for cement and lime surfaces, as well as the surfaces of the drywall, pre-treated wood panels. Brillante gives aesthetic look to the surface, is used in modern architecture and restoration of antique items. The plaster is ready for use. Applied to the surface previously painted with light Marlite color matching. Plaster tinted easy to spot, it can give not just any shade, but relief and get different effects.