Communication Evolution

1 INTRODUCTION the evolution of the communications and, therefore, of the information, led to a frantic development of the use of the technology, with special attention to the intense use of computers. Being thus, the gift to paper intends to approach YOU directed toward the branch of the fashion drawing, demonstrating where these technological resources can be applied, giving options to the interested administrators and designers in getting competitive advantage in this so rocking market that it is of the Fashion. For the accomplishment of paper, a methodology of bibliographical research was used, looking for to elucidate many still unknown points in regards to the chosen subject, visa the basic importance of the technology in the current businesses. In accordance with Riegelman (2006), the drawing is a language that makes possible the expression and communication of visual ideas. in the fashion drawing, the ideas to be express are on solutions that not yet exist outside of the mind of designer, as much with the purpose of orientation on the product of fashion as with the purpose to develop a creation process. In this way, interpreting the drawing as communication tool, it is that if it can understand that the fashion product is born and goes if forming. 2 the CULTURE HUMAN BEING PRODUCES FASHION AND the FASHION COMMUNICATES the CULTURE HUMAN BEING According to Edgar Morin (1992), the culture human being is constituted by information accumulated for the man throughout its evolution, information these that must be kept and be transmitted each new individual of the social group. In accordance with Lcia Santaella (1992), for language we must all understand and any phenomenon of production of felt significao and. A time that the clothes, stops beyond changes and transformations in its material structure, also presents a plan of representation and significao, then we can affirm that the clothes also consist as language, being, therefore, apt to fulfill a communication function.