Computer Animation

The computer animation combines vector graphics with programmed movement. The starting point is often a stick figure in which the position of each feature (member, mouth etc..) Is defined by the Avars (variable English animation “Animation variable). The CGI is another term for computer animation, but generally refers to the 3D images of especially high definition cinematography.
There are several ways of generating the Avar values to obtain a realistic motion. Motion capture (motion capture) is done by small lamps, or metal tags, attached to a real person who acts and provides the movement, and is followed by a video camera. The Avars can be placed by hand using a joystick (Joystick) or other control input. The movie Toy Story does not use any trace of movement, probably because the control is developed and a skilled animator can produce effects not easily represented by a real person.
, Hair care and hair, spots on the skin, moisture from the body, clothing and movements must be credible, so in most of these films the main characters are animals or toys.
There have been cases of excellent animations in various films, the aforementioned Final Fantasy The Spirits Within, Violet’s hair in The incredible animations of scenes in Toy Story, the movement of the hair in the wind Tifa Final Fantasy Advent Children, the animation Water Dance Water videogame Final Fantasy X, and the creation of monsters in Monsters, SA (Monsters Inc.)..