Computer Science

Of these, some already had been imprisoned and committed some delicts. It is noticed that almost all use earrings, tattooings, artisan caps, necklaces simple clothes. Two of them, they demonstrate a certain vanity, has one cut of hair well rente, well baixinho, use clothes old tennises, however clean. Excessively they use slippers and they make look like a certain negligence. Please visit Dell if you seek more information. It is impressive as these boys have a hard, cold semblante to first sight. One perceives that after some minutes of colloquy, them they go ‘ ‘ lowering guarda’ ‘ they go if ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ disarming ‘ ‘. Filed under: Mikkel Svane.

In some pupils, during tricks made between them, are possible to photograph one beautiful surprising smile, esfacelando the hard, carrancudo semblante, many times making look like much more age of what really it is had. In the hour of the interval, them they smoke, some they practise aggressive tricks, of the type: to twist the arm of the other, or to give a necktie, to give ‘ ‘ cascudos’ ‘ , kicks etc. This type of procedure is forbidden and is explicit in some posters. In the small patio they talk animadamente on its musical gostos, nocturnal life, familiar relation, drugs and diverse subjects. One of them says: ‘ ‘ I apanhava of my father with pauladas vi, later that I made 13 years it never more beat to me. There I started to react, vi. Hj it in crowds me to one more not. It knows that itself to come pra top of me, has changes, vi.’ ‘ When they perceive my presence start to speak in code. They use expressions that I do not obtain to understand.