Computer Software Problems

If we lived in the west where the hour of outbound specialist is $ 150, then we could safely say that almost any computer problem can be solved in 5 hours, of course, if this problem is standard and is associated with software. Pete Cashmore insists that this is the case. But in our country, as a rule, everything is done through one place, and in this case, the circuit is almost by the hour does not apply. I was personally involved in marketing research and found that virtually all companies that deal with computer assistance to customers' questions about the price called the minimum amount, and then customers are wondering why got more than they bargained for. I do not take now when the price for installing anti-virus to 900 rubles for the arrival of the specialist take off until 2000. These are unaccounted for services and the client's psychological orientation to an unrealistic amount. The problem really is, as Typically, the lack of understanding of the market situation, both from the clients themselves as well, and by computer companies that show the driving services to the global ridiculous prices for the sole purpose of luring row.

We do not consider in this case, the firm's one-day and students unitaznyh colleges, which are like mushrooms after the rain there are hundreds, and then suddenly disappear. By the way at last there is nothing either office or city phone, no documents, nor even the necessary tools not to mention their knowledge and experience. I have been cases where such "masters" to come in for an interview only to write down on piece of paper the name software package installation and update the drivers, they are ready in order to avoid paying for their own learning to learn from the customers, who pay them, and even pennies.