What type of computer are you? We are all a different computer type, i.e. If you are a 3D designer will not have to use the same type of computer than a lawyer, or a photographer, in this article Compu Greiff Bogota will give you guidance on the type of computer you should buy according to your personal or professional needs. We will not dwell with each profession that exists because it would be a list without end but we will give general information which will give guidance so that at the time of buying a computer take the most suitable for you. First of all must understand that a different performance with regard to the characteristics, have all computers some are default of manufactures, in other cases the manufacturer gives the option of customizing your computer and others are left to edit after a time of purchasing. There are some known profiles of computers such as: Gamer: this type of computer is mainly used for video games with a very high graphic performance. Designer: A computer to design has as base speed on the processor and a high storage capacity. Business: This team has a high storage capacity and performance not so complex. Home: This is the equipment most commonly used in homes, which allows web accessibility and has the ability to perform simple tasks.

Student: Computers for students need easy access to internet and mobility. Compu Greiff gives you the tools to not have to make an arduous analysis of what kind of computer should buy thanks to the Alliance with Intel. How is this? Simple, upon entering the web page is a section called Intel where mainly will give the most important characteristics together with the disadvantages of computers that are sold such as:? PC’s desktop? Netbook? Laptop if the person when you have reviewed this has clear which you want, the next step is to specify which use you want to give to your computer, either laptop or desktop. If the first part you are not secure computer wants to can access the link of help me choose where the person in the same way chooses to use you want to give to the computer that you want to buy and it gives you a suggestion, also at the end of this step, was given the option of choosing between what has been suggested putting best parts such as RAM, hard disk memoryProcessor, Monitor, video card, among other features. To have everything clear it is important to know what to do with that information and are given the option to print or send by email. This information rather than practice is vital because this way Compu Greiff Unilago offers total satisfaction to its clients, not everyone we are experts at the time of wanting to buy a computer but if we can receive the advice to get the best at the best price. Why Compu Greiff is the best place to buy your computer in Unilago. It is demonstrated that nobody else much cares about their customers.