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As technology slowly comes to our schools in Argentina that while in neighboring children already use personal computers, here we begin to "speak" them. Except, of course, private schools serving children from families with high purchasing power. A ministry of education levels indicate that there are movements already begun the search for "enablers" for the use of ICT. Heavy gear the training of teachers begins to repeat a familiar path. The team building-the-trainers, the organization of courses, distribution of materials, technology, transfer of trainers and teachers, etc.

. . all with the obvious financial and time outlay. In schools, the reality is different. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bryant Walker Smith and gain more knowledge.. poor children and know how to use computers because they learned in the cyber. Teachers who completed courses in educational portal educ.

there ar tested the use of ICT in the classroom e-learning platform, teachers computer cabinets that give classes paid by the cooperating school, have already tried a thousand and one ways of teaching with few computers and three or four kids sitting around a monitor. In short, everyone-children and teachers, made their own way of training in the use of computers self-managing as best they could do it. The training was started from the moment one of the teachers in each school began to make his way. The conception of school as a team of teachers who can manage themselves has not been destroyed yet. Teachers who have learned first transmitted their knowledge to others who came behind in the subject. Today, all teachers have a personal computer and use it daily. Post all teachers to work with children will multiply the knowledge, because the children already know a lot and teachers also know to learn from them. What we need is computers. Elemental. Without them we can do. To reverse what is invested in training teams of trainers. Without computers can not be the miracle. Save money for training is possible because teachers are already trained. He will not be one hundred percent functional plant of each school, but in all, there are several teachers who themselves are. Just need computers to achieve the multiplier effect-miraculous true-that teachers are Argentine customs to be performed. Were not teachers who bought the books when the children could not do it? Were not teachers that fed in soup kitchens improvised when hunger increased, and no one had discovered? Today computers are required only in the poorest schools. Everything else is done. a I am a teacher with a passion for the art of education and engaged in observing the teachers because they are the creators of educational quality in every society. I leave aside the titles because they do not replace or vocation or art placed in the office every day.