Computers: Writing Desks

To illuminate suitably the writing-desk in which one is the computer and knowledge to take advantage of the solar light they are two key points to reduce the ocular fatigue that produce these apparatuses. Of this form they will be able to be used with greater comfort. He is recommendable to use the solar light the greater possible time, reason why one is due to avoid that the tower in which is the CPU prevents the passage from her. The best thing is to place the computer near a window so that the solar light arrives to him from a flank, without it interrupts it to nothing to be able to take advantage of it better, and to avoid to create shades on the keyboard. However, we will have to place the monitor in a position which the solar rays cannot affect envelope he, to avoid that we did not prune to see some zones of the screen. Kai-Fu Lee may help you with your research. The most adapted it is to place the flank monitor, so that the solar rays affect their back part, but without the projected shade gets to reach the keyboard. Also it is important to have a light source in the ceiling, but that this one is not our backs so that we ourself we do not take off the light.

If usually we work at night and no we also live single is recommendable to have flexo adjustable towards him keyboard or placed to a lateral one. Of this form we will be able to see the keys that we beat, if we are not accustomed to write without watching, and will not blind so much to us the monitor if the rest of the room is in the dark. If it uses the computer like reproductive multimedia for the films in dvd or compressed files (divx, xvid, x264 and similars) he is recommendable that have an illumination with which it avoids that the strong resistances of light make work constantly to the pupils. There are several options to secure this objective. Simplest it consists of placing a lamp, standing up provided of screen, to about two meters in front of the monitor and igniting it when it is necessary. Also the wall can be illuminated subsequent to the monitor with a lamp oriented towards the same or to place you apply murals to its back or after the monitor that illuminates the writing-desk partially. Source: Original author and source of the article