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According to the mental state functionality exists and is a legitimate level of study should not be reduced or the behavioral or the neuro-physiological level. Functionalism, drawing on the software-hardware distinction developed by computer science, says that mental states and processes do exist and their nature is not reducible (in ontological terms) to neurophysiological states and processes . At the time of characterization, in positive terms, what they are really mental phenomena, functionalism refers to two aspects: * The basic mental states and processes are states an informational system. * In line with this, what defines the specificity of a mental state is the “causal role” or “functional role” or “broadly” their “function.” To say that a particular state is defined by its causal role means that essentially the same result of all the causal relations between mental states and / or behavioral, that is: that states and those dependent in turn causes . estions. By integrating the activities mentioned above have, for example.

Type the following definitions: “Fear is an informational state” X “of an organism (or system)” O “, which arises from the perception of an external stimulus” E “is meant as a threat” A “and triggers an action plan” PA “and the concomitant avoidance behavior” CF “and, as it relates to software-hardware distinction, functionalism is based on the idea functional nature of a system (eg, what it can do) does not depend on the nature physical (eg, the substance is made) but the way it is organized.

(1), (2) 1 The sense of the analogy is as follows: in the computer field that defines the specific nature of a program is what it is capable of doing. For his part, that which allows the program to perform its function is precisely its formal nature, or the algorithm. When the algorithm is implemented in a physical system this means that what makes functional efficiency in action is the way the physical system is now organized according to the algorithm. 2 See also the notion of functional equivalence. The notion of functional equivalence and its possible nuances (1) Standard Edition: Two systems are functionally equivalent if they are capable of doing the same sort of thing. (2) specific Version: Two systems are functionally equivalent if they are capable of doing the same sort of thing from the same or similar processes. (3) Generic version: Two systems are functionally equivalent if they are capable of doing the same kind of similar things from processed principles.

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