Computing Machinery

And even the honest officers is sometimes useful to control. Accept the work performed should be only when the performer is completely finished it. Unfortunately, the situation is quite common reception unfinished work, followed by the elimination of deficiencies. This only encourages substandard work. In addition, taking raw, unfinished, version and finding bugs in it, you take on the work of the performer. It is hardly advisable to carry someone else's work, helping with the careless worker. Proceeding to acceptance should work only when its Executive claims that it fully complies with terms of reference.

If you find that you are trying to mislead you with the best performer does not have anything to do. Can work with are not very qualified, but it is impossible to work with a liar. During the reception, work should verify that all items of technical tasks. If something does not satisfy you, but technical it corresponds to the task, you can blame only themselves to exploring the issue of insufficient stage of the problem. In this case, order completion, considering it as a new job. If some items technical specifications are implemented satisfactorily, the performer must do rework, and before it is finished it should be assumed that the work they have not done. Some may seem that the proposed over- formalize all the relations specialist for Computing Machinery.

However, practice shows that this formalization allows to avoid many disputes, errors and misunderstandings. In addition, you will free your time, which can be spent with a significantly greater benefit. If you order the development or modernization program, the formalization is a must. Programmers are often different to those that are doing what they feel more comfortable and more like, not what is expected of them. The ideal is where the work performed takes a specialist in computer science, but not associated with the performer. For example, to tailor-made Bookkeeping software can another programmer with an accountant. The accountant will assess how well implemented calculation algorithms, and the programmer will not be misleading, dismissing assertions such as "do impossible "or" so decided to make all programs. " In the supply of computer technology as an independent expert can assess its real value and quality. If you do not have a suitable expert, you can try understand yourself. Help in the Internet can provide. Here you can learn a great deal, in addition, you can send a question in the appropriate forum, and get an answer completely independent specialist. Of course, if you have to company employs only a few people and an expert on computer technology has proved popular, can not be written terms of reference, limiting interpretation. If this at least sometimes arise misunderstandings, be sure to go to the writing style of communication.