The word to decide in the Latin is ' ' decidere' ' that it means to eliminate all the other alternatives. When we decide to make the good the evil leaves of being an option, now to choose the evil we exclude the alternative of the good, of the one not to walk in the two ways at the same time. The time and the thoughts I heard of Amorim professor, who 75% of the time we think about the past, us we feed and we remoemos facts that they had occurred with us or that they had left to happen, we martirizamos in them for lost chances and wasted possibilities, we are the carrascos of we ourselves. It still said that 25% of the time we think about a future that not yet arrived, in worrying and if afflicting with ilusrias and fantasiosas situations that our fertile mind creates and imagines. At last it concludes saying that the statistics that made this note, he disclosed that we use only 5% of our thoughts in the gift, in ideas and projects that executed today will be able to make difference for us and for who we love. I as soon as perceive to invest time stops preparing in them for the future, in the gift, studying, working, using the creativity, elaborating scenes and creating real goals and targets and you reached instead of divagar between last and future we will have more conditions probable to have a better future. , Generally first we think, later we feel, then we speak stops later acting and thus spoon the results. Conclusions Could be here divagando and filosofando concerning the time, for much time, but the objective is not this, goes to reflect and to rethink our relationship with the time, where and so that she has been dedicated most of our existence, we go to look for not to kill the time therefore you make to it is our life that we are playing it are.