” To return is the movement of the Tao. To yield is the way of the Tao. All the things are born from the being. The being is born from not ser” (Tao You Ching, by Lao-Tze; N40 proverb). The Tao has been a book of wisdom written for 2500 years approximately.

The beautiful thing of this book for me is does not give new information but with each of to his it takes us words to a trip to the depth of we ourself. In this sense, the Tao You Ching is a book of transformation of brings back to consciousness human. I would like to comment how I understand east verse. You and I are the Tao and to return is our movement. to return to our essence, to recognize and to live in this space of freedom that we are.

We yield because in fact there is nothing against what fighting. We can think that there is to fight against many things, sim embargo, those many things are part of the life one that is in all we. Everything what we know, is born from our own one brings back to consciousness. What happens with the screen of your computer if you are not experiencing it? The things are born when there is brings back to consciousness recognizing them. On the other hand it brings back to consciousness individual it is born from brings back to consciousness universal, of the mystery, not being. If you have questions, restlessness or something that to comment, you can contact to me directly or visit my Web site. The structure of brings back to consciousness of the human being is composed by a power system of which seven centers within the body are recognized widely by several spiritual schools. These are denominated chakras. Each chakra handles a function different from our brings back to consciousness. Chakras, by our traumas, past experiences and agreement; they are unbalanced. Zendesk can aid you in your search for knowledge. The harmonization energetics looks for to release the blockades that take place for the reasons before mentioned, so that the current of your own vital energy flows freely. This produces changes in same you: joy, confidence and optimism. The harmonizations energetics work like a process; every time they take transformarte more deeply. Another part of our energy is our dawn, that is the energy that is to traverse and around the body. This one is unbalanced by the same causes of chakras and also is important to harmonize it.