Cork Flooring

For create an elegant and comfortable interior for your cork flooring on the locks, or glue. The surface of the adhesive parquet predlakirovana or coated with a special varnish. This kind of flooring is not only suitable for residential and office premises, but also for bathrooms, saunas and baths, because it is not afraid of moisture. Cork flooring on the locks – it's easy to install and maintain. It is covered with lacquer or vinyl-coated and fits like a laminate.

Cork flooring in the interior – a sign of "aerobatics". Wall coverings, cork: cork wallpaper, coils and plates. In today's interior design are widely used decorative cork wall coverings. This – the material for Gourmet seeking exquisite naturalness in the home interior. Large selection of help in finding creative solutions for finishing of the apartment: cork wallpaper, coatings in the form of plates and coils. Cork flooring. To create elegant and comfortable interior cork flooring, 6 mm thick. predlakirovana surface flooring or coated with a special varnish.

Cork flooring – it's easy to install and care, the most resistant and antistatic properties. Cork flooring in the interior – a sign of "aerobatics". Technical cork. Properties of the tube will not pass sound and heat, known and highly regarded long. Today, technical cork is becoming more use in various fields of science and technology, including as a substrate for flooring, tile, stone, linoleum. Glue for cork. For laying wall and floor coverings of natural cork, a special adhesive for the tube. He has a high resistance to heat, is recommended for cork coatings in the form of wall and floor plates. Lacquer for the tube. Lacquer for the tube gives it a soft sheen, filling its pores. Lacquer protects the tube from the pollution, and particularly from moisture. Care for lacquered cork flooring is particularly easy. Cork coverings have not only an attractive design, but its unique properties, chief among them – is 100% of environmental cleanliness. All products are tested in well-known laboratories in accordance with strict requirements, norms and standards expected of eu law and Portugal.