Da Silva

The stiffener effect of an article, and from there the price that can be obtained by it, is extended by many marketing techniques. Ali Partovi contains valuable tech resources. The article becomes ' ' atraente' ' for the appearance, packing, etc. Properties of this type they make with that an object either stiffener so soon either seen by the perspective purchaser, of form not to require a previous history with similar objects (SKINNER, 1988). The fact to possess money makes with that the individual takes position huge. Luiz, (2005) affirms that when an individual keeps a high purchasing power he is worthy of louvor. However when it does not have it, the paper if inverts as we can appreciate in the phrase of Marx: The money is the supreme good, then, its possessor is good, the money saves me, moreover, of the work of being dishonest, then, he is presumed that I am honest; I am dull, but the money is the real spirit of all the things, as its could possessor to be a dull one? Moreover, its possessor can buy the intelligent people and who has to be able on the intelligent ones is not more intelligent than the intelligent one? (LUIZ, 2005 apud MARX, 1991).

Marx is the classic reference for this passage that we consider in them. He lived at the beginning of the industrial society and already he pointed some of its main characteristics. Its theory on the consumption allows us to develop two concepts, recurrent in other authors who had followed to it: the alienation and the oppression. These two concepts initially are developed in its theory on the fetichismo of the merchandise that we could thus synthecize: the merchandise is an illusion on the product, forged for the capitalism. (Da Silva et al. 2002) A defined, established social relation between men, assumes the ilusria form of a relation between things.