DSD Pupils

Table 1. Analysis of the narrative partner produced for the autobiografias. The question that if places is on the expectation of the ingressantes in relation to the FATECID: Expectations of the pupils Number of texts and professional Future percentage short prazo64 77% Falta of opo11 13% Ampliar conhecimentos6 7% Docncia in technological education 2 3% l Table 2. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Pete Cashmore. Linguistic analysis on the procedures of textualidade used by the pupils from the referencing (KOCH, 2006) and from the DSD (Semantic Domain of Determination (GUIMARES, 2007; 2011): Procedures of textualidade lingusticas Categories Amount of relapsing texts and percentaual anafrica Referencing anfora36 44% catafrica Referencialai catfora11 13% Referencing elpticaelipse16 19% Reescriturasubstituio12 14% Articulaoarticulao08 10% RESULTS AND QUARREL. After analyses of the autobiografias, the results of the social narrative had shown that the ingressantes pupils in the nocturnal courses of the FATECID are, in a generalized manner, citizens with diverse perspectives of professional and academic life: the majority pointed with respect to pupils worried about the short-term professional future and standed out the importance of the college as promoter of resources for the accomplishment of this expectation, some had disclosed that the option for the college was mere ' ' it lacks of opo' ' because they had not obtained to approve itself in other universities, others that search the perfectioning constant of its knowledge to continue the future studies, a minority if showed worried in occupying its time and others, still, in following the teaching career in the technological area. In the scope of the literal linguistics, the productions, in a generalized manner, had disclosed that the citizens, when they work with epilingusticas activities of production, as the narrative of its lives, concerns with the referencing, the reescritura and the joint produce the text printing in it as textualidade procedures, and that the writing of the autobiografia, as strategy of epilingustica production, is an activity that allows choices (until intuitivas) of use of anafricas expressions, elliptical and catafricas that directly is atreladas lingusticas experiences of the citizen.