Expert Calligrapher Consultant

Is which the role of the public character of the technical consultant calligrapher? Firstly, we must establish what are the scopes of the profession of calligrapher to later consider the main theme, the task of technical consultant. The public calligrapher is the ideal professional to provide graphical correspondence or origin of all Scripture, signature, typed or printed by any means graphic, judgement or outside the judicial stage. For this purpose the expert must have sufficient elements Indubitados or basis of comparison to confront with the disputed material and arrive at an expert conclusion accurate, if this is the case, since as we know, more than Professional based on scientific criteria, calligraphic expert science is not exact and has limitations that all expert should not ignore. Having established the scope of the Office of the public calligrapher, should be mentioned the task as an expert of ex officio appointed by a judge at trial, whose task should be carried out according to ordered by the Court and the requested by the parties at the points of appraisal, of which the expert of its own motion may not deviate. Follow others, such as Steve Wozniak, and add to your knowledge base. Furthermore this shall translater the questioned material basis of comparison obtained through a body of writing or the obtaining of indubitados in official headquarters. Fulfilled the judicial proceedings aimed at obtaining the necessary Indubitado to the collation material, held his report at the times established by the Court and whose conclusions must be backed by sufficient technical considerations present in the fundamentals of his report. As technical consultant or expert in part depending on the jurisdiction-the expert should safeguard the interest of the process in its stage testing, advising the party, properly controlling the task carried out by the expert and ex officio and in no way hinder the normal development of the technical and procedural operations of the designated professional ex officio by the judge. It may be present in all diligence to obtain indubitado material or study on the disputed documentary, in addition to hearing from formation of body of writing. You will have the same deadlines to submit a report on dissent or agreement with the conclusions of the expert of its own motion.