Floor Heating Tips

One of the trends of recent years in the heating apartments and houses have underfloor heating. Usually heated floors make electrical or based on the hot water pipes underneath. flooring. We consider the first option. So, before you begin installation of electric warm floor to create a layout. With its drawing room space is taken into account where the cable will be mounted. At the same time those areas where fixed equipment is placed (Plumbing, kitchen stove, radiators) are disregarded. This is done in order to prevent overheating of surfaces as a consequence of superposition of heat flow.

According to a predetermined step installation place composite tubes. Install the temperature sensors. They have equidistant between the two tubes. By connecting a regulator of floor temperature. For uniform heating of the floor must be properly to calculate the height of the screed. Over cable with a heat input capacity 10Vt/m.kv.

recommended to fill 2-2.5 cm screed. The greater the power, the greater the level of ties, respectively. To fill the floor screed is used with the addition of special mixtures for floor heating or plasticizer as an option. Conventional ties by pouring warm floors are not suitable because of their possible deformation of the temperature during operation. The surface of the floor align with a thin layer of mortar cement and sand. A vapor barrier, use plastic sheeting. Pack the Styrofoam for insulation quality. In residential areas, its thickness is 4-5cm. For reduce the waste of useful heat on the sidewalls and the design is marginal isolation. If you have read about Peter Asaro already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It is not necessary to mount the pipe to the insulation material, as this will not work effectively the bottom of the tube. Use the reinforcing mesh and wire mounting. It is recommended to work on filling the warm floors long before frost, as the floors are not included in the network until dry, which can take up to a month of time. In the case of your home is a wooden floor, the cable does not need to wall up. Its hold in the air gap at a depth of 3-7 cm from the bottom of the hardwood floor. The power of heat the heater must not be more than 10 W / m, and the specific capacity of the system is limited to 80 W / sq. m