Foreign Languages

How often do we visit our favorite websites for learning foreign languages? And indeed whether there are any in our personal arsenal? These issues today is to treat very seriously if we want to raise Efficiency of Foreign Languages. And the best proof of this are the numbers. For example, according to a Sloan Survey of Online Learning, in 2007 one in five university graduates western countries visited as At least one online course development language, and growth in the number of such students at that time amounted to 9.7% per year. Above this is worth considering, given how the Russian language skills different from the average Western target, and this difference, as you know, not in our favor. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to highlight the interesting and popular Internet service that offers online services to the study of foreign yazykov.Sayt: WordSteps – a service for those who want to learn foreign words, but has no desire or ability to spend too much time. According to the creators of the site, 15 minutes per day spent on WordSteps, will add to the vocabulary Supplies user 20yu new foreign words.

Thus, the objective of the project – allowing users to easily and affordably learn from 3000 to 7000 foreign words in a year. In our opinion, this is a very good result, Considering that according to statistics the average native speaker uses no more than 2000 native words for everyday communication. Note that – it's domestic development, so the site is fully translated into Russian. Basis of service is a set of thematic dictionary and learn words at 9-different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. What's interesting is that each user can create a personal collection of dictionaries containing the words he needed, but due to the possibility of voting for dictionaries, the best sets of words fall on the home page. To begin study of words, simply select interesting vocabulary, then the user will be able to pass any of 6ti exercises, each of which is coached by a certain perception of words, whether its reading, the choice of options, spelling and so on. All site features are free to start using that you can not pre-register. If you want to get access to the statistics of words learned, and stories study them, you are invited to start their personal page. Here you can chat with other users of the site and add them as friends. In a word, the site leaves a good impression because of its simplicity and opportunities vocabulary without wasting time, as well dream almost every one of us. So, the key features of the service: 9 languages available to study the possibility to monitor personal progress and history learning words easy to perceive the interface in Russian and English language service is completely free opportunity to create personal collections of words to study in the near future plans to add audio and visual materials to better consolidate the words in conclusion I would like to mention the natural desire to get a mobile version of WordSteps, to spend time with on the way to work, standing in line or waiting for something.