Free Association

In this way, Kury (1988, p.13), still it says that ' ' the quandary of the psicanaltica psicopatologia is that its model of health (implicit in any psicopatologia) is indefinvel, therefore it lacks the points. One understands that the psychoanalysis does not have as only characteristic, only pathological happening of the human being, but yes, searching to develop theories of the normal functioning of the psiquismo, based in the sexual contents. Still according to Kury (1988, p.15) ' ' the habitual object of study of the psicopatologia, is not the individual without symptoms, therefore the psicopatologia operates with the products of the failure of represso.' ' In this way, conscientious becoming the unconscious one, would make with that the person if remembered of the traumatic fact, and could be felt alliviated in reviver and displaying such events. Freud, in the start of its career, if appropriated of technique of the hypnosis used for researchers as Charcot, Bernheim and Liebault. Later, it abandoned the hypnosis and it started to use the technique of the Free Association, in which it requested its patients whom all thought communicated it that appeared in the conscience.

Freud discovered the unconscious one from the moment where it started to use the new technique, therefore: ' ' In such a way, &#039 acquired clearness ample; ' zona' ' of the locatable psiquismo it are of the field conscientious; there it was possible finds ' ' marcas' ' of past experiences that allowed to explain what it was expressed under symptom form, of discontinuities of the conscientious process. (KURY, 1988, p.17). The unconscious one is atemporal, that is, it does not have time perception; already the conscientious one if imposes the time notion and distinguishes, by means of the thought, the past and the gift. In this way, KURY says that: ' ' The riot neurotic (as representative typical of evident the psychic conflict in any psicopatolgico picture), while express an injunction of the unconscious desire, contains, in its configuration, the alternative to repeat throughout the history of a citizen, expression modalities where if it reiterates old aspirations intemporalmente.