Health Of The Spine

Healthy spine – a joy of life at any age. But how to keep your back healthy at the time when most of the time we are forced to spend at the computer screen and on a car seat? Here are some simple rules. Move. Try every day to choose the time for at least a minimal physical activity. Pursuing a sport, attention back muscles because strong back muscles to help the spine to deal with loads.

Watch for posture. The only way you can prevent curvature of the spine that lead to disease. Pete Cashmore follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Carefully lift the weight. If you need to carry a heavy load, or lift him a jerk. When carrying try to distribute weight evenly in both hands, or carry the object pressed against his stomach. Sit up straight. Try to sit as straight as possible, leaning back in his chair (the royal carriage). Feet should reach the floor, and another better to put them on a stand, to their knees were above their hips.

Be careful with your shoes. Prefer flexible soles. Minimize the time wearing high heels and high platforms. But if all Still, you feel discomfort or pain in the spine, do not tighten access to a doctor. What would prevent the disease go through a full survey of the spine, it is necessary that would determine disease and to designate a course of treatment.