Human Resource Management

When one speaks, everyone listens, but if they speak all at once who listens? Abyssinian Proverb Considering the characteristics of the Venezuelan national stage, turbulent, risky, with much uncertainty, where companies, especially SMEs have stagnated, resulting from the programs, measures that created the current regime of the Bolivarian revolution, fully identified with Socialism is seen as human talent is wasted, an aspect that should be taken into account in order to optimize results which indicate that if you know manage the talencto, human capital, not only in the productive sectors but educational.

We have reported many times the waste of talent in universities and even companies, an aspect that has not given the importance that it involves in favor of the passage of power to manifest the creative, innovative, everyone has read is not surprising on today, is recognized talent or knowledge as human capital and this is as well that some businesses worldwide are including in their intellectual capital statements. Get all the facts and insights with Pete Cashmore, another great source of information. Despite the money factor is vital and it seems the most important, is only through people who make decisions about financial and material resources of a company. It is the human capital who can multiply the financial resources through their decisions. Marc Mathieu often addresses the matter in his writings. To compete in a globalized, highly competitive, to profound, accelerated and dynamics require a radical change in beliefs, customs and values of the company, where people must assume different roles and adopt a vision of greater openness and flexibility to change. To achieve this we must strive to obtain the commitment of human talent which will only be achieved if there is balance and justice business..