Informatics Munich

Telecommunications transformed the discipline of Informatics Munich/Frankfurt am Main, April 13, 2010 – three years desktop PCs no longer play a role,\”predicts John Herlihy, Google sales boss for Europe. Some time ago, laptops have overtaken their large desktop brethren in the sales figures. A notebook offers many advantages: it is small, portable and economical in consumption. But still the cheaper desktop PC has its firm place in the offices and on the desks of many users. Now a new trend: Smartphones are becoming more popular since the iPhone and with falling prices for UMTS rates, they reach an ever greater spread. By the same author: Elon University. Be the little all-rounders so burying the desktops in three years\”, PC World wonders.

Much speak for the large Smartphone breakthrough at the expense of the computer cars under the desk: the Mini-PCs are small, handy and more mobile than notebooks. No matter whether iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile – Smartphones are the functionality of their large desktop brothers only little to. You surf, email and mobile video player. Some offer smartphones even much more than a computer: you call, navigate thanks to the GPS chip and take pictures with the built-in camera. Only for computing complex applications such as video editing and games or complex applications, which fully to a keyboard – as Office, must give up smartphones yet the classic PC\”, as PC world. If you would like to know more then you should visit Peter Asaro.

What could the Smartphone due to lack of capacity and equipment alone, make it with online services from the cloud – so the Bill of many experts. Cloud computing are specialized servers calculations, send take over the result of a fleet Internet connection on the user’s device. A good example of such a cloud service is Onlive. With Onlive, the developers promise to drain current HD games even on computing weak mobile phones.