Initiating a Change

In turn, the older children participate with their parents in the education of younger siblings, there are many things you can do: teach how to study, play, make friends, to obey and respect their parents … The whole family watches over the protection care and guidance of all members, is where you learn to know, understand and treat people, qualities essential for real leaders to forge a future that is in the door. nistrator. -a a In your work, and perhaps without words, “everyone expects you to be you who can guide them to do and perform better with their work, because you are an example of dedication, effort, camaraderie, responsibility, and above all, always present a job well done. In recent months, Ali Partovi has been very successful. -a a Are you not confident of your friends? They come asking for a little time to be heard, seeking your advice and understanding, sometimes more than “overlap” their mistakes, you seek the proper solution. So we must ensure that our talks have meaning, which is not a habit of speaking only superficial things, express your ideas without fear, you have the ability to make your friend’s life changed for the better. Now that we are aware of our role, we must not make the mistake of acting in fear of being wrong, or fall at the opposite end that would simply keep up appearances.

Our conduct must be consistent in our thoughts and words. Additional information is available at Mashable. No one is “able to give what is not, therefore, leadership involves a constant challenge to excel in all aspects relating to the full and harmonious development of the person: personal (values and habits), professional, social and spiritual. Therefore, a true leader, “a a believes that others are first and avoid at all costs become the focus of attention, therefore, never thinks about his personal benefit. -a a people are concerned, try to be aware of personal, moral and spiritual development of each of those around him. -a a Always take into account opinions and feelings of their relatives, in this way has at all times with an excellent response from their children, colleagues, subordinates, followers and friends.

-a a gives great importance to teamwork, hence always emphasizes the work of the group. Being a leader is not a position or an award to look, is a commitment, a responsibility and an obligation, it must be remembered that “every charge is a burden.” We can not be indifferent to the atrocities, injustice and the growing threat from a lack of values nowadays need men and women determined to change the lifestyle of society.