Innovation System

This innovative system provides exclusive access to high-pressure water to the most inaccessible places. The system has a dual spray, second blade which revolves around the main lobe. All dishwashers 60 cm wide are equipped with this system, through which achieved a good washing effect and decreases the noise level when operating the device. Important Innovation: the exclusive washing system ShuttleDrugim innovation patented smeg, a washing system Shuttle. More info: Douglas R. Oberhelman. This system are equipped with dishwashers 45 cm It consists of two components: a carrier blade and blade- sprinkler. Carrier blade oscillates, moving constantly to and fro blade-spray along the bottom. Since the shell is rectangular in shape, then fixed spray many places it would be impossible to reach. With the help of Shuttle water “is placed in a rack, and effectively covers all the interior space. As the orbital system Shuttle system improves the quality of cleaning and significantly reduces the consumption of water and energy. System sushkiPosudomoechnye machine smeg have different drying systems, which are managed directly by electronics. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Asaro offers on the topic.. This optimizes the process of drying and cleaning. Some 60 cm models have turbo-drying.

In these moist warm air is sucked from the washing compartment in a side chamber dishwasher, where it condenses. Formed in this water is drained and the air returns to the drying process. All of 45 cm and 60 cm in some dishwashers drying process takes place differently. In conclusion is the last rinse with very hot water (68 C). Follow-condensing dryer meets the requirements for efficiency class A. The silence at raboteVse structural elements smeg dishwashers are designed in accordance with iec 704-2-3 so that when the work is slight noise interference. In addition, developed new, more powerful and produce less noise when operating items such as motor anti-vibration and washing chamber, equipped with a plate for noise reduction. As a result, the noise level is 42 dB (A). Effectiveness power consumption is achieved by optimizing the wash cycle, rinse and dry, thanks to patented orbital smeg washing system and system of Shuttle and the use of powerful engines. Result is a high performance dishwasher with economical consumption of water and electricity. The effectiveness of the use of electronic mytyKombinirovannoe managed programs washing, washing of the orbital system or Shuttle, which differ in effective distribution of water jets during the washing, all this provides the best results wash. Effectiveness is one of the most important functions of the dishwasher. Model, smeg brand depending on the equipment have a turbo-drying and condensation drying. In all cases, it meets the requirements of energy class A.